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The Friends of Queens Park Community Group Craig y Don

Fund applied for: £2,500

Location: Gwynedd

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Project description

Describe your project
Our project has been in being for over 10 years. The aim of our project is to maintain and enhance the Queens Park Craig y Don for the benefit of our community and also the wider area, as it is one of the few green spaces around here. We meet formally, as a committee every 4-6 weeks, and we also hold open meetings for the whole area to encompass all opinions. We appoint our committee annually, last done in Feb of this year. We have our own funds, and bank account,which is audited yearly. We raise funds with local events , such as our Easter weekend large event for children, an annual Party in the Park, where we raise around £1000.00, coffee mornings and afternoon teas etc. So we are quite active throughout the year. We use the funds to maintain the play equipment for our children.

How will your project benefit your local community?
Our project benefits our local community by essentially bringing people together in the great outdoors. The children play area which is fenced in within the main park area is dog free, smoke free and indeed alcohol free, as is the main park area, in which dogs are allowed both on and off leads. We funded the childrens play over the years and we have about 8 or so varying items of equipment that were chosen at meetings by children of all ages. The most popular being a 30 metre 'ZIP' wire. Our aim is to keep the children active and entertained with a very safe and confined area.It has become a vibrant park for picknicking, mums gathering with their new babies and older folk enjoying dog walking. We also have a very active gardening group as part of the project, and we were recently covered on Britains In Bloom on BBC T.V. On Easter Sunday we held an Easter Egg hunt within the park, in glorious weather well over 200-300 men, women and children turned up, both from the local area and wider afield. This for us, was the project giving back to the community for their support, and it was not run as a fund raising event. It was very well supported by local businesses such as Aldi, The Co-op and the local Post Office. In addition to the actual egg hunts for 2 age groups, the under 5's and secondly those above that age, we had an Easter Bonnet competition,and egg/spoon races

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
We get a massive amount of support from the local community. For example our Gardening Group are entirely unpaid volunteers, as indeed we all are. The community comes together at our major events, maybe to provide cakes etc, goodies for tombola, prizes for our regular raffles and Street Style Auctions. Of course, at all events, depending upon the weather the community turns out as the park is at the very centre of this area. We have a very mixed housing area, many local housing properties. rows of semi's and other large and valuable type properties. The local small businesses are also huge supporters of the project, prizes at our Easter event, such as Easter Eggs etc have kindly been given to us, so we look forward to it being a great day on the 21st. Please also see the above para which has more details on this most excellent day for the community

How big is your community? And how many people will benefit from your project?
It is hard to say exactly but it has be in the hundreds without that being any form of exaggeration. It is many, many children, their parents and the older folk, such as myself who use this wonderful facility on a daily basis. Without this park it would indeed become a very sad area, as it was before we all came together back in 2008

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
We were always supported by our local council, Conwy County Borough Council for the repair and maintenance of our play equipment. Sadly, and with progressive budget cuts over the past 2-3 years their support has diminished considerably. For example, we recently had 2 important pieces of play equipment fenced off due to unserviceability for several months, in order to get this vital equipment back in use we, as a Group, had to agree to fund the repair, and this cost our project over £6K. We are now faced with some of the rubberised safety matting that surrounds most of the play equipment is now coming towards its health and safety limits, so it will have to be replaced. We expect that the total bill for this work will be well over £6-7K. Our own funds are currently at a very low level, but we hope to generate over £1200 at our annual Party in the Park which is planned for the 21st July. If we were successful in our application to your Community Fund then the money would go towards replacing the safety area beneath our most popular piece of essential play equipment and that is our 'Zip Wire.

When and why was your project founded?
We founded our project back in 2008 when a group of local people came together in order to provide better facilities for our children and for the community at large. Our mission statement states the following> The aim of our this community project is to maintain and enhance Queens Park

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