Terms and conditions

1. About the Calor Community Fund

Here at Calor, we would like to give a little something back, by offering rural off-grid communities the chance to gain funding through the Calor Rural Community Fund (the “Fund”), for projects that will improve life within the local community. In 2019 projects with a value of up to £10,000 will be eligible to apply for a funding grant between £1,000 and £5,000 to support their chosen project. Projects supported by the Fund may include for example adult learning classes, new furniture for the village hall, or providing new equipment for youth clubs and other similar groups. Applications for funding are divided into three categories: £1,000, £2,500 and £5,000 and winners from each category are carefully selected following a three stage process: (1) organisations must first submit a proposal application and which will be screened by Calor to check that it has met the eligibility criteria, (2) the general public will vote for the application that they would like to see win a grant. Applications with the highest number of votes from each grant category at the end of the voting period will be deemed as finalists, and (3) the winners from each grant category will selected by an independent panel of judges with the highest score based on a number of criteria.

2. The Promoter

The promoter of the Fund is Calor Gas Limited (the “Promoter”), registered in England and Wales under company number 303703, with its registered office at Athena House, Athena Drive, Tachbrook Park, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 6RL.

3. Applications for a grant

Applications to receive a grant for a project will start on 5th March 2019. The closing date for entries will be 29th April 2019. Entrants must register their details via the Promoter’s website at www.calor.co.uk/communityfund (the “Website”).

4. Criteria and eligibility

4.1 Funds are available for projects benefitting communities in rural England, Scotland and Wales in an off-grid location. For the purposes of this clause, ‘off-grid location’ shall mean any location that is not connected to a mains or natural gas grid and uses an alternative energy source including, but not limited to, liquefied petroleum gas, oil, electric, bio-mass or solid fuel.

4.2 Individuals over the age of 18 years are invited to make an application on behalf of an organisation which:

  • has been in existence for a minimum of 6 months; is a not-for-profit organisation;
  • exists for the benefit of the wider community and not the individual;
  • operates on a non-discriminatory basis (i.e. not to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by law, as determined by the sole discretion of the Promoter);
  • is non-political; can supply to the reasonable satisfaction of the Promoter, responses to a questionnaire as set out in clause 7.5 below.

In addition to the requirements in clause 4.2 above, applicants must make their submission for funding in English and the project nominated for funding must:

  • be capable of completion within 12 months of the date of the grant if successful;
  • be carried out in the UK for the benefit of an off-grid rural community in England, Scotland or Wales;
  • not contain offensive, obscene or sexually suggestive material, propaganda, potentially misleading information, or defamatory or disparaging material about other people or companies, or endorse any form of hate, hate group or terrorist activity; and
  • have a clear deliverable objective.

All submitted applications shall be subject to approval by the Promoter at its sole discretion and grants for funding will be made as set out in clause 5.

5. Funding grants

There will be three funding grant categories which are £5,000, £2,500 and £1,000. Ten projects shall be chosen from the £5,000 category, six projects from the £2,500 category and five projects from the £1,000 category.

Each application must indicate on the application form which level of funding grant that it is seeking. Following submission of the application form, applications cannot be amended.

The sums granted are fixed and the Promoter shall not be liable for any further funding if the project exceeds the amount that has been granted.

There is no alternative grant and each of the grants given are non-transferrable. The winning organisations are responsible for all applicable taxes and any expenditure in excess of the sum granted.

6. Voting

Once entries have been approved by the Promoter in accordance the eligibility criteria, details of the organisation and its application for funding will be published on the Website. Voting will begin on 2nd May 2019 and will end on on 17th June 2019 (the “Voting Period”). To be eligible to vote, users must first register on the Website and be subject to the Promoter’s user voting rules (“User Rules”) set out on the Website.

Each user who has registered to vote on the Website (the “User”), shall have 10 votes which can be used during the Voting Period. Each User may vote for the same application more than once but no User may register for voting more than once.

The Promoter reserves the right to remove any votes it suspects of being fraudulent.

7. The Finalists

7.1 The announcement of the finalists will be listed on the Website on 1st July 2019. Entries which do not appear on the list of finalists, will be deemed unsuccessful and will not progress any further.

7.2 For the £1,000 grant category, 10 entries which receive the highest number of votes during the Voting Period, shall be deemed the finalists.

7.3 For the £2,500 grant category, 12 entries which have received the highest number of votes at the end of the Voting Period, shall be deemed the finalists.

7.4 For the £5,000 grant category, 20 entries which have received the highest number of votes at the end of the Voting Period, shall be deemed the finalists.

7.5 The Promoter will contact each finalist by email and requires the finalist to complete a due diligence form, and it is the responsibility of the person who submitted the application to ensure that the form is completed. It is a condition that each entrant must complete in full the due diligence form as provided by the Promoter in order to be considered for a grant. The form must be returned to the Promoter no later than 12:00pm on 27th June 2019. If any finalist returns the form after this date, their place shall be forfeited.

8. The judging process

Judging will begin on 11th July 2019 and each grant shall be judged by a panel of representatives who are independent of the Promoter. The judges will score each application out of 5 based on each of the following criteria set out below:

40% Impact - Impact

Judges will consider the potential impact of the project on the local community:

  • How urgent is the need in the community?
  • How many people will be impacted by this project?
  • Is the idea appealing to a broad cross-section of the community

35% Sustainability – Project sustainability

Judges will look at how long the project will last and how long it will benefit the community for. They will also consider how sustainable the project will be once it is launched:

  • How long will the project’s impact last in the community?
  • Does the project only need funding from the Calor Rural Community Fund, or does it also require funding from alternative sources?
  • Does this project have clear volunteer support?
  • How likely is the project to achieve its goals?

15% Submission - Submission

Judges will review the entry itself and how well it explained the project:

  • How much effort has gone into preparing the entry and supporting information?
  • How well considered and clearly explained is the entry?

10% Originality - Originality

Judges will consider how original the project is compared to the other projects submitted for funding.

The scores from each of the criteria above shall be added together to create an overall score for each of the entries. The entries with the highest overall scores shall be made the winner.

Choice of winners is entirely at the discretion of the Promoter and the Promoter’s decision shall be final.

9. Announcement of winners

The winners shall be notified on 18th July 2019 of their grants and will be contacted using the details recorded on the application form.

If, following notification, the Promoter receives no response from the winner within 14 days, the Promoter shall withdraw that particular application and instead grant it to the next highest overall scoring application.

10. Publicity

10.1 Organisations agree that the Promoter may publicise details of the organisation and its project in relation to the Fund.

Notwithstanding clause 10.1 above, the organisation shall nominate an individual to act on its behalf in relation to publicising the award and details of the project which the grant is being provided, and to provide details of the nominated individual to the Promoter. The organisation warrants and represents that the nominated individual has given consent to the use of their information on the Promoter’s website and any other promotional material in connection with the Fund.

Permission to use photography:

Wherever a person or people is/are featured we need permission to use the photographs in marketing and publicity materials. You will need to have permission to submit any imagery to us and have also obtained consent from anyone who appears in the photographs. Parental consent must also be given if the image is of a person under 13 years of age.

11. Crowdfunding

The Promotor has an agreement with Crowdfunder Ltd (“Crowdfunder”) for the Fund in 2019 to provide organisations projects an option to set up a Crowdfunding account. This is optional and it not a requirement for applications to be considered. On submission of an application we will send the applicant details of how to create a Crowdfunder account. There is no requirement to hold or open a Crowdfunder account. Crowdfunder fundraising activities are completely separate to any application to the Fund and will have no impact on applications, shortlisting, promotion, voting, awards made or otherwise.

If an applicant chooses to setup a Crowdfunder account they will be directed to set up a profile and fundraising page directly on the Crowdfunder website. We will not pass applicant details directly to Crowdfunder.

Crowdfunder is separate and entirely independent to the Promoter and the applicant must agree to be bound by the Crowdfunder terms and conditions.

For holders of eligible Crowdfunder accounts the Promoter is providing an overall match funding pot of £2,000. The Promoter will give an additional £100 for the first 20 projects to raise £200 from at least 20 individual supporters through an eligible Crowdfunder account.

Use of the Crowdfunder platform will be governed by the Crowdfunder terms and conditions and the Promotor shall have no liability in connection with the use of the Crowdfunder platform.

12. General

The Promoter does not accept liability for any costs, expenses, losses, damages, liabilities, injury or disappointment (except for the grant specifically provided for by the Fund) including, any loss of profit, business, revenue or any other anticipated savings whether special, indirect, direct or consequential suffered by the organisation in connection with this Fund.

Nothing in these terms and conditions will limit the Promoter’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or for fraud.

The Promoter reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice if, in the Promoter’s opinion, events or circumstances occur outside of its control. No correspondence will be entered into.

These terms and conditions of this promotion shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

The grant awarded by the Promoter must not be used for anything other than the purpose stated in the organisation’s application.

The Promoter reserves the right to demand repayment of any sums awarded if any sum is used for a purpose other than the purpose stated in the application.