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Teddington Village Defibrillator

Fund applied for: £2,500

Location: Gloucestershire

647 votes so far

Project description

Describe your project
Our project is to buy a defibrillator to be fitted to an outside wall of the village hall in the centre of our small rural village of one hundred and ten homes. The project includes a training session and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. (CPR).

How will your project benefit your local community?
The project will benefit our local community because defibrillators save lives. It can take 40 minutes for an ambulance to reach our village, so in the case of cardiac arrest, a defibrillator could be the difference between life or death. Fitted to the outside of the village hall, it will be accessible to people in their homes and to the many local groups who use our hall. These groups include a well supported Seniors Club, Pilates classes, Yoga classes, Flower arranging classes, Parish Council meetings, Village hall fund raisers, Cycle Club meetings and private parties.

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
We have volunteers from the many groups who use the hall and other village residents who will support and help raise the remaining money that we will need to complete our project.

How big is your community? And how many people will benefit from your project?
Any member of the community, or visitor, could benefit from the use of the defibrillator, but many villagers will benefit from the reassurance of having a defibrillator available in the case of a Cardiac Arrest. Up to 60 people will benefit from the defibrillator and CPR training session.

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
The money would be spent on an Automated External Defibrillator ( AED) with a weatherproof storage cabinet, and installation costs.

When and why was your project founded?
The project was started in 2017 but has been delayed because of lack of funds. Villagers were, and remain keen to have a public access defibrillator in the village.

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