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Playground Renovation

Fund applied for: £2,500

Location: Northamptonshire

1680 votes so far

Project description

Describe your project
Our project is to update equipment in our community playground. The ROSPA report on the playground stated that although it met all safety requirements the equipment and facilities were in need of improvement. Our aim is to encourage a wider population and visitors to use the playground more.

How will your project benefit your local community?
Our village amenities are limited to a church, playground and pub with no public transport servicing the village. The nearest village is 4 miles away, therefore for the youngsters of the village the playground is an important amenity. The children’s age range in the village is 3-17years. The playground creates a real community spirit especially for those with children, grandchildren or visitors to the village. It also provides a safe space for our children in a picturesque village mentioned in the ‘Doomsday’ book.

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
As well as the support from all members of the committee, the local community are supportive of the village hall/playground and the fund raising activities that take place. Approximately 30 villagers came together 2 years ago and gave their time freely to repaint the interior of the hall. Villagers have also helped with the upkeep of the playground over the years giving a real sense of community spirit within the village. Therefore if any help is needed during the installation of the new equipment there will be plenty of volunteers.

How big is your community? And how many people will benefit from your project?
There are over 20 children in the village and many others who visit who will benefit from the new items of equipment. It is also used by visitors to the village, walkers and historians. The park is situated next to the village pub so an immeasurable number of children would also benefit from the wider community.

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
The money will go towards replacing critical pieces of equipment that are coming to the end of safely being used. After discussion with the parents of children and the adolescents in the village it was decided that an outdoor all weather table tennis would be purchased. The purpose being to create a multi purpose accessible equipment for all visitors.

When and why was your project founded?
The project was founded when we had the ROSPA report done in November 2018. This indicated that in order to maintain use of the facilities extensive renovation was required.

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