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Mount Hawke Academy Outdoor Adventure Playground

Fund applied for: £2,500

Location: Cornwall

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Project description

Describe your project
Mount Hawke Academy is a primary school in an area with a high level of deprivation. We are the community school for Mount Hawke, Porthtowan and surrounding outlying areas, all of which are isolated with infrequent public transport links and no connection to mains gas. Porthtowan is in the top third of the most deprived areas in England (IMD 2015 Cornwall Council). Mount Hawke does not have a proper adventure play area and our school’s current play provision is unfit for purpose, having been bought by the community through their fundraising efforts over eighteen years ago. By installing a new Adventure Playground we will provide a much needed play space for the community

How will your project benefit your local community?
During school hours the Adventure Playground will be used by the children, but before and after school it will be used by the whole village, with younger siblings making use of it. We encourage our parents to stay and play with their families after school, and our playground becomes a community hub. It will also be open to the local pre-school, which does not have a permanent outdoor play space. Out of hours it will be available to be used as a community resource. We have held consultations with staff, children, parents and the wider community as to what kind of play equipment would be suitable and exciting to install. From this we have worked with different providers to gain drawings and quotes for the Adventure Playground. We have consulted with and have the full support of the PTA ' Friends of Mount Hawke Academy' who have funds available for this project and who are continuing to raise further money during this academic year involving our communities of Porthtowan, Mount Hawke and surrounding areas. In addition, we have external football clubs who run local training sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays who would welcome this improvement of the field upon which they train. We also host lots of other events throughout the year, to involve the local community as much as possible. We have an Easter fair, summer garden party, summer fete and regular cake sales and it will provide a great sense of community pride that there is a new Adventure Playground to enjoy and celebrate.

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
We have consulted with parents, children and the local community to establish exactly what items of adventure equipment would be most beneficial and exciting to install. Mount Hawke is a very isolated village and Porthtowan has high levels of deprivation. This project will (and already has) brought the community together towards a common goal. The school has been holding various fundraising events in conjunction with the PTA including a quiz at the village pub, and are currently organising a summer fete for the whole village. The project also has received a £1,000 donation from a local business. We have letters of support from our local sports clubs of how this project will have an impact on improving the health and social well-being of our community.

How big is your community? And how many people will benefit from your project?
On an average day 300 children plus approx 100 siblings would use the Adventure Playground who would be accompanied by parents. There are 2 weekdays football clubs (80 children) who use the grounds during the week, plus 2 dance classes (40 children), plus at the weekends St Agnes football club bring 4 teams to train plus siblings (50+ children). In addition, it is very much about the community as we host lots of other events throughout the year, including an Easter fair, summer garden party, summer fete and regular cake sales. The adventure playground would provide a focal point for these activities, really bringing the community together.

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
After consultation with our children, local community, families and sports clubs we decided upon the layout and composition of our Adventure Playground. We then obtained quotes from 3 separate companies for equipment. The Mount Hawke Academy school council then met to discuss the various options and democratically decided upon which items of equipment should be included. Photographs of these discussions are attached below. A design has been chosen where a significant impact can be achieved immediately, but where further equipment and a replacement surface can be installed in the future. The items for which we are requesting funding are:- £993.36 - Ladder Rope Walk £840.96 - Stepping Stones x 12 £994.07 - Log Traverse £2,828.39 - Total

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