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All the World's a Stage

Fund applied for: £2,500

Location: Aberdeenshire

1794 votes so far

Project description

Describe your project
We would like to purchase a stage, music system and simple stage lighting for the school that can be used for school performances (nativity plays, school show) and other events (such as fairtrade group assemblies and knowledge sharing events, musical group performances, fundraising talent shows etc). A stage is essential for performances because the younger children would only be seen by the first couple of rows otherwise! At present, we are having to rely on borrowing stages from other nearby schools or churches (when available) and banking on the generosity of parents to collect and return the stages, which is not sustainable. There is no music system that can play loud enough for the children to sing along with and simple lighting would enhance the performances and allow us to light the stage only (at present hall lights can only be fully on or off, which is not ideal).

How will your project benefit your local community?
Banchory-Devenick is a small rural community school with close ties to several groups including a number of care homes. It has been a long standing tradition that our children visit the homes to have singalongs and share stories and snack-time with the residents. Inspired recently with the latest news and projects looking at the benefits of youngsters and elderly interacting, we now also invite residents to come along to several of the events and performances held during the academic year to build on these relationships and to provide an opportunity for residents to have a trip out. The purchase of a stage will really enhance the performances that they are able to give and be sure that we always have a stage to perform on! We envisage other school/community initiatives developing as a result with local groups who currently use venues outside the immediate locality choosing to base themselves at school. A regular event on the yearly calendar is a ceilidh, another opportunity for all ages of the community to get together for dancing, music and socialising. A stage would mean this could be held at school rather than a hall some 9 miles away in the next community. With no public transport, this limits involvement of the wider Banchory-Devenick community.

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
The school is well supported by the parent council through several fundraising events that are held each year and the wider community through their involvement at these events, particularly the school fair that is held in May each year. It is a close knit community and well supported every year.

How big is your community? And how many people will benefit from your project?
There are a number of groups that will benefit from the project - the pupils (around 35), the parents, carers and other family members (around another 40), the residents of the care homes (around 100), local community residents (around 100)

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
The money will be used to purchase a stage that can be stored at the school and used when required as well as a number of accessories including a music system and simple stage lighting.

When and why was your project founded?
The school has been in existence for 120 years this year! The requirement for the stage has become more and more evident this year due to the number of activities that would greatly benefit from the equipment and the closer links with the local community that have been forged.

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