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Knipton Village Hall Refurbishment project

Fund applied for: £5,000

Location: Leicestershire

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Project description

Describe your project
Knipton Village Hall is a beautiful building built in the 19th century, which used to be the old Village School until the 1950s. Over the years the building has been badly neglected allowing roof leaks to create interior damp issues which have caused extensive damage. We have now had the roof repaired but the damp has devastated the interior to the point where it is unattractive to potential hirers and we need the hire money in order to maintain the Hall. At some stage an orange coloured false ceiling has been installed which hides a beautifully constructed beamed roof which we would like to expose and restore to its former glory with appropriate modern day insulation in the way it's "sister building", the old school house in Harston is today.

How will your project benefit your local community?
Knipton Village Hall could potentially sit at the heart of our local parish communities of Belvoir, Harston & Knipton. It is used by local parishioners for film nights, quiz nights and coffee mornings but the state of the interior décor is such that it is not suitable for local wedding receptions, funeral wakes or birthday parties, and as such is not able to fulfil its purpose and is not able to generate the level of income necessary to fund maintenance to an acceptable level.

Please give details of any support you have from your local community
The local community support the Village Hall by attending fund raising events such as quiz nights, film nights, BBQs and coffee mornings, which contributes to some of the running and maintenance costs of the Village Hall. The improvement work carried out to date has all been completed by local supporters in order to minimise costs. The Parish Council use the Hall as their meeting place

How big is your community? And how many people will benefit from your project?
The population of Knipton, Belvoir and Harston parishes extends to about 500 people who would all benefit from this renovation project by providing a resource to the local communities to hire for family events, for local clubs to use

Tell us what you intend to spend the money on.
The Knipton Village Hall project will be carried out in 5 phases Phase 1 - Kitchen tiling & re-decoration (£500) - already completed Phase 2 - Panelling of lower walls (up to 9') with 9mm matchboard on 35mm battens (£3000) - partially completed Phase 3 - Removal of false ceiling, exposure of beams, installation of "Kingspan" roof insulation, panelling between roof joists (£5000). As this project requires working at heights on scaffolding their is a considerable labour cost. The hall also has overhead fluorescent lighting which needs to be removed and replaced with appropriate cost effective lighting Phase 4 - Panelling of upper wall area above 9' on 25mm battens (£1000) Phase 5 - Floor power sanding, application of wood preservative, floor sealing (£300) Total project cost - £9800

When and why was your project founded?
May 2016

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