Frequently asked questions

You might find the following frequently asked questions helpful.

What makes a good entry?

We are committed to making a genuine difference to the lives of people living in rural communities. Projects suitable for funding and published on our website have met the following criteria:

  • It exists for the benefit of the wider community and not of the individual
  • It has been in existence for a minimum of 6 months; and is a charity or a not-for-profit organisation
  • The funding applied for is equal to 50% or more of the total project cost
  • The funding is being used for renovations, redecorating, equipment, or new LPG heating systems
  • It is capable of completion within 12 months of the date of the grant if successful
  • It is in a rural off mains gas location in the UK and is for the benefit of an off-grid rural community in England, Scotland or Wales
  • It has a clear deliverable objective
  • The systems are in place to ensure finances are well managed
  • It operates on a non-discriminatory basis and is non-political

Project funding

In 2018 Calor is offering three levels of funding to suit projects of different sizes:

  • Up to £1,000
  • Up to £2,500
  • Up to £5,000

Please remember that the funding applied for must equate to 50% or more of the total project cost.

More about the application process

Parts of your application will be visible to the public and other parts will only be viewed by Calor and the judges. The online application form clearly indicates with a "(p)" the answers the public will see.

The application form has been broken down into a variety of questions and all of these questions must be answered before you submit your application. Calor will need to review and approve your application before it is made public on the website for voting.


Once a project has passed the eligibility checker and has been approved by Calor, it is urged to rally up as many votes from its supporters as possible.

The 20 projects in the £1,000 category and the 10 projects in both the £2,500 and £5,000 with the most votes will go through to the finals.

Once voting opens, anyone who lives in the UK and registers on the Calor Rural Community Fund website can vote for projects – you don’t have to have submitted a project to vote.

You'll get 10 votes, which you can use at any time during the voting phase of the competition. You can support as many projects as you like with your votes. Spread them around or use them all to support one project – it’s your choice.

The 2018 Calor Rural Community Fund will open for applications on 20th March until 21st May 2018. Public voting will start on 25th May until 29th June 2018.

How does the voting work?

The projects with the most votes will become finalists; there will be 20 finalists for the £1,000 category, 10 finalists for the £2,500 category and, 10 finalists for the £5,000 category. Finalist entries will be reviewed and scored by our panel of judges, to decide which entries are awarded the funding.

Who can vote?

Anyone who lives in the UK and registers on the Calor Rural Community Fund website can vote for projects during the voting phase of the competition. Please read our terms and conditions for full details.

How do I vote for a project?

Once you’ve registered on the Calor Rural Community Fund website, all you need to do is click on the ‘Vote’ button on any project you want to support. You will have 10 votes you can use within the specified time frame.

How many projects can I vote for?

You can support as many projects as you like with your votes (up to 10). Spread them around or use them all to support one project – it’s your choice. Once a vote is used, you can’t take it back.

When can I vote?

You can vote at any time during the voting phase, 25th May until 29th June 2018.

If I have submitted a project, can I vote for my own project?


Can votes be disqualified?

Calor can disqualify any votes they consider to be fraudulent or contrary to the terms and conditions. Proxy voting isn’t allowed and any proxy votes will be disqualified at Calor’s discretion.

Can I delete my profile?

Yes. You can delete your profile at any time by contacting us at Please be aware that any projects you have submitted may also be deleted.

Who do I get in touch with if I have any questions?

Please email us with any specific questions at

Getting to the Finals

Once voting has closed, the entries with the most votes within each funding category will be made finalists, and subject to due diligence checks, these entries will then proceed to judging.

About the judging

Entries that make it through to the finals will be judged by a panel of impartial judges.

The judges' results will be announced on 20th July 2018.


Our judging panel will include a variety of impartial judges. These could be employees, partners such as Business in the Community, Rural services Network, Mind and others who have supported the Calor Rural Community Fund campaign.

What are the judges looking for?


Judges will consider the potential impact of the project on the local community:

  • How urgent is the need in the community?
  • How many people will be impacted by this project?
  • Is the idea appealing to a broad cross-section of the community?

Longevity & sustainability

Judges will look at how long the project lasts and benefits the community for, and how sustainable it is once launched:

  • How long will the project’s impact last in the community?
  • Does the project only need funding from the Calor Community Fund, or does it also require funding from alternative sources?
  • Does this project have clear volunteer support?

Likelihood of success

Judges will look at how likely the project is to succeed:

  • How quickly can the project become a success?
  • How likely is the project to achieve its goals?


Judges will review the entry itself and how well it explains the project:

  • How much effort went into preparing the entry and supporting information?
  • How well considered and clearly explained is the entry?


Judges will consider how original the project is:

  • How original is the project compared to the other projects submitted for funding?

Each judge will score the entries based on the criteria detailed above and the weighting of the criteria will then be applied to create an overall score. These scores will be aggregated and averaged across the judging panel to get the final score for each entry.


When and how will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced live on 20th July at 2pm on the Calor Facebook page.

In 2017 we awarded funding to nine well-deserved projects. Find out what they’ve been up to by visiting our Winners Stories page.

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