Best in class

A guide to completing a good application

A well written and thorough application will give you the best possible chance at securing funding, and to help you with this, we are giving you some tips to help you bring your project to life.

Your application form should carry the love that you and your community have for your project. It should tell the reader things like; why your project is important, how your project will help to change the lives of local people and, how many people will benefit from your project. Your application should also include how you’d spend the prize money, how quickly your community would start to see your project’s benefits and for how long these benefits would last.

What you should include in your application

While it's important to tell the story behind your project and the reasons why it is important to you and your community, it is also important you deliver the facts about your project within your application.

To make this easy for you, we have broken down the application form so that you know exactly what to include and when. We’ve shared some additional information for each question so you know what content to include. There will be word count restrictions for each of the questions so try and keep your answers top-level and informative.

Use the right tone of voice

Write your application as though you’re telling it to a friend, relative or resident in your community. We want to hear your enthusiasm and passion through your words.

The application process

Here is a list of all of the questions you’ll find in the application form. We have outlined what to include for each question so you can make sure your application is spot on.

Questions marked with (p) will be made public for the public voting stage. The answers to questions without a (p) will be used solely by Calor and the judges and will not be made visible to the public.

  1. What is the purpose of your project? (p)

    Tell us about your project and what you are trying to achieve, i.e. refurbishing a village hall, improving skills for the young, providing services for the elderly and vulnerable, or upgrading a community play area. Remember to also tell us why your project is doing what it is doing. But don’t include too much detail here as we’ll being asking you about the need for your project in your community later on.

  2. Does your project have any social pages, for example a Facebook or Twitter page?

    Occasionally we like to post about the projects who have applied for funding, especially those who are successful in making it through to the finals. If you have any social pages then please let us know the page names so we can tag you in any relevant posts we do. It might also be useful for you to follow our Calor Official pages to keep up to date with the Community Fund!

  3. Please upload photo/s of your project (p)

    A picture tells a thousand words. You must upload at least one image of your project but we do recommend you upload at least three. You will be asked to select one of your uploads as the profile picture for your project - then one you choose says most about your project.

About the funding

  1. How much money are you applying for? Please state £1,000, £2,500 or £5,000 (p)

    You can only apply for one of our funding categories, and you will not be able to change this once you have submitted your application. Please make sure you choose the best level of funding to support your project - and remember, the funding you apply for must equate to 50% or more of your total project cost.

  2. If your project is successful, what will you spend your funding on? (p)

    Here, you should let us know exactly what the funding will be spent on if you’re successful, for example will it be spent on a specific item in a play park, or will it go towards some infrastructure of a new Scout hut? 
If our funding does not equate to 100% of your projects’ costs then let us know how much will be left to pay and how you will raise, or have already raised the money for this. The more information you give, the better the public and our judges will understand your intentions.

About your organisation

  1. Name of your organisation

    Let us know the name of the organisation overseeing your project - it may well be the same name as your project.

  2. Nature of your organisation

    A high-level description of your company should be included here; let us know if you are a community interest group, a local sports group or an organisation delivering a service to those in need.

  3. Are you a not-for-profit organisation?

    We need to know that your organisation is not making a financial profit from your project.

  4. Are you a registered charity? If yes, please include your registered charity number.

    Let us know if you are registered as a charity and if so, the name of the charity (it may be the same as the name of your organisation or project) and its charity number. If you’re not registered, just simply tell us ‘No’.

Community need

  1. What is the need for your project in the community? (p)

    Please let us know why your project is needed in your community and why it is important. Tell us how it will improve local life.

  2. Do you have support from the local community for your project? (p)

    If you have local support, indicate it here by letting us know who and how many people back your project. If you have any written evidence then include it too.

  3. How many people will benefit from your project? (p)

    It is important for us, the public and the judges to know how many people will benefit from your project. If it’s your entire community then let us know the total population, if it’s a collection of people within your community then let us know the size of the group and if more than just your community will benefit, then give us the details.

  4. What types of people/groups will benefit from your project? (p)

    We need to know who will benefit from your project. Will it be elderly people, young people, a sporting team or the entire community?

History and future of your project

  1. How long has your project been in operation?

    Let us know if your project has just started out or if it has been benefitting your community for a number of years.

  2. How will your project be sustained?

    Our judges will need to make sure the projects being awarded funding have longevity. Here you could include a high level business plan or information about future funding.

  3. Please give an overview of the financials of your project. (Please note, if you are successful, we may contact you for more information relating to the financials of your project.)


  4. Calor runs a scheme called Start from the Heart, where our employees are encouraged to spend a day volunteering at a local project. Would you be interested in Calor contacting you in the future for any volunteering opportunities? (Please note that this will not affect your application.)