Broil King Keg BBQ meat hook
Broil King Keg BBQ meat hook

The slow and low method of cooking large cuts of meat often leaves them too breakable, heavy or juicy to pick up with normal tongs. However, designed specifically for use with the Keg, this BBQ meat hook is ideal for removing and serving large cuts of meat.


The Broil King Keg is an ideal BBQ oven for smoking large cuts of meat. These larger cuts often become too heavy and breakable to pick up with tongs, but the difficulties of removing and serving these types of BBQ dishes will be removed with this meat hook. Designed specifically for use with the Broil King Keg, this meat hook is made from a heavy duty stainless steel and can be used for lifting and flipping any cuts of meat.


Additional Information

Product code 601970
Manufacturer Broil King
BBQ usage Grilling
Recommended cylinder Patio gas 5kg

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