Patio heaters

Bring your garden to life and enjoy the comforting warmth all year round with our wide range of Patio heaters.

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  1. Flame tower patio heater

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    The Flame Tower patio heater features an aluminium heat reflector, toughened Japanese glass tubes and stainless steel housing and guards. Providing both heat and ambient light, it is the perfect patio heater for creating a warm and cosy environment for entertaining.

  2. Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat portable patio heater

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    The Tungsten Smart-Heat creates comfort over an area up to three times the size of that serviced by a traditional portable heater while fueled by the same single Calor gas cylinder.

  3. Flame Tower Replacement Glass Tubes

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    Replacement glass tube for Flame Tower patio heater, made from toughened Japanese glass.

3 Item(s)