Outdoor living

Make the most of your garden,
regardless of the time of day or season.

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  1. Flame tower patio heater

    The Flame Tower patio heater features an aluminium heat reflector, toughened Japanese glass tubes and stainless steel housing and guards. Providing both heat and ambient light, it is the perfect patio heater for creating a warm and cosy environment for entertaining.

  2. Weber Original BBQ Basting Brush
    Created with heat resistant silicone bristles, there's no fear of the Weber Original Basting Brush shedding unwanted bristles onto your food.
  3. Weber Complete Barbecue Cookbook
    The Weber Complete Barbecue Book will prepare you with some fantastic recipe ideas for your next barbecue. The guide is extensive and caters for gas or charcoal BBQ cooking.

3 Item(s)