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  1. Broil King BBQ roaster basket
    Crafted from stainless steel with small perforations on a smooth surface preventing food from slipping through, the Broil King roaster basket is ideal for using your BBQ to roast vegetables or grill some crunchy nachos!
  2. Broil King BBQ pizza stone grill set

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    The Broil King BBQ pizza stone set is ideal for achieving delicious pizzas on the BBQ, and comes complete with a 13" pizza stone, a stainless steel cradle with thermometer, and a wooden pizza peel.
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  3. Broil King BBQ 15" grilling stone
    This Broil King BBQ grilling stone is 15" in diametre and is an ideal BBQ accessory to have to hand when barbecuing pizza and breads at high temperatures.
  4. Broil King BBQ slider burger basket with burger press
    This Broil King slider burger basket and press is the ideal BBQ accessory for creating your own burgers from home. This burger press tool helps you to easily form 2 burgers at once and the non-stick burger basket can cook 6 burgers at a time.
  5. Broil King BBQ wing rack
    This Broil King wing rack is perfect for cooking smaller pieces of meat on the BBQ such as chicken wings, thighs and drumsticks without the need to be placed directly on the BBQ surface. Instead it may be hung above the heat in order to prevent flare ups.
  6. Broil King sovereign exact fit BBQ griddle
    Made from cast iron, the Broil King exact fit griddle is a multifunctional accessory, designed to offer reversible uses on your BBQ. Ideal for both searing or frying food, the exact fit griddle offers a high level of versatility to the BBQ enthusiast.
  7. Broil King whiskey BBQ wood chips
    These natural whisky flavoured wood chips from Broil King are ideal for infusing some delicious flavour into your food! Use the wood chips directly amongst the charcoal in charcoal BBQs or within a smoker box when barbecuing on gas for a new way to flavour meats.
  8. Broil King Signet exact fit griddle
    Offering a high level of flexibility with its reversible uses, the Broil King Signet exact fit griddle allows for both frying and searing with its opposite surface types, making it ideal for the more adventurous outdoor cook.
  9. Broil King Baron exact fit BBQ griddle
    Smooth to the touch on one side whilst providing a grooved surface on the other, the Broil King exact fit griddle boasts reversible uses, making it ideal for both frying and searing. Why not try this in place of your Broil King cooking grid?
  10. Broil King cedar BBQ grilling planks
    These Broil King grilling planks are made with 100% natural Canadian Red Cedar wood and come in a set of two. Simply place the planks directly on your BBQ with your choice of meat on top and the delicious cedar flavours will infuse into your meal, creating an authentic BBQ taste.

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