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  1. Broil King BBQ grill topper
    The Broil King grill topper is a functional and practical tool for your BBQ cooking which will allow you to cook a wider variety of dishes. Featuring a raised frame, stainless steel handles and easy-clean finish, this BBQ accessory is ideal for your family.
  2. Broil King Keg BBQ pork claws
    These BBQ pork claws are a great BBQ tool to help you to effectively shred large cuts of meat, and particularly pork, for the ultimate BBQ pulled pork rolls. These Broil King pork claws are crafted from stainless steel and extremely durable to heat.
  3. Broil King BBQ deep dish grill wok
    Carefully crafted with high grade 1.2mm stainless steel, the Broil King deep dish wok is perfect for grilling vegetables, seafood and a variety of other smaller items on you BBQ.
  4. Broil King BBQ grilling wok
    Created with perforated stainless steel, the Broil King grilling wok prevents sticking and offers easy cleaning whilst providing a great accessory for grilling smaller items of food.
  5. Broil King BBQ chicken roaster with pan
    The Broil King chicken roaster with pan is made from 100% stainless steel and features a heavy base, 10mm handles and a twist on beer can holder, providing the perfect BBQ accessory for cooking large poultry dishes and the best way to achieve a great beer-can chicken!
  6. Broil King BBQ roaster steamer topper
    Offering multiple possibilities, the Broil King roaster steamer topper is the one stop shop for your BBQ meal. The perfect accessory for easy barbecuing.
  7. Broil King BBQ roaster basket
    Crafted from stainless steel with small perforations on a smooth surface preventing food from slipping through, the Broil King roaster basket is ideal for using your BBQ to roast vegetables or grill some crunchy nachos!
  8. Broil King BBQ pizza stone grill set

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    The Broil King BBQ pizza stone set is ideal for achieving delicious pizzas on the BBQ, and comes complete with a 13" pizza stone, a stainless steel cradle with thermometer, and a wooden pizza peel.
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  9. Broil King BBQ 15" grilling stone
    This Broil King BBQ grilling stone is 15" in diametre and is an ideal BBQ accessory to have to hand when barbecuing pizza and breads at high temperatures.
  10. Broil King BBQ premium grill basket

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    The Broil King Premium BBQ grill basket has been crafted from durable stainless steel wire and is ideal for roasting or grilling smaller food items on the BBQ directly. It features a soft-grip handle for ease of use and a multi-position lid with simple locking mechanism.

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