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  1. Broil King BBQ grill tong
    The Broil King BBQ locking tong is ideal for lifting and turning your meat or vegetables on the BBQ for an even cook. It has been created from durable stainless steel and features high density resin handles that allow you to maintain a strong and controlled grip when turning.
  2. Broil King BBQ super flipper
    The Broil King super flipper lives up to its name, featuring a blade that is nearly double the length of its counterparts; making it ideal for flipping and turning large items on the BBQ. The super flipper is crafted from high grade stainless steel and features a hanging hook for convenient storage whilst cooking and a comfortable resin handle.
  3. Broil King BBQ grill turner
    This Broil King BBQ turner is a great BBQ accessory as featuring an integrated bottle opener, it's actually two tools in one. It is made from high grade 1.8mm stainless steel making it extremely durable, and the high density resin handle makes this BBQ turner easy to use.
  4. Broil King dual prong BBQ skewer set
    This BBQ skewer set from Broil King benefits from dual prongs to hold food firmly in place and large handles for ease when turning and rotating your dishes. They have been made from stainless steel so are extremely heavy duty and hard-wearing, perfect for a busy summer of barbecuing!
  5. Broil King multi rack and BBQ skewer set

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    This Broil King BBQ multi rack kit is as multifunctional as a BBQ accessory can be; including a roast and poultry rack, kebab holder and rib rack that can hold up to six racks of ribs. The set also comes complete with six dual pronged skewers and all products within this set are crafted from a hard-wearing stainless steel.
  6. Broil King BBQ kebab set
    The Broil King BBQ kebab set contains a stainless steel kebab rack and 50 bamboo skewers to keep you going all summer! The kebab rack has heat shield to prevent it from absorbing excessive heat and is also able to be folded for convenient storage.
  7. Broil King BBQ fajita pan
    This BBQ fajita pan from Broil King has been crafted from a heavy duty cast iron and is ideal for cooking fajitas and other fried items on the BBQ outside. Within this set is also a hardwood base and silicone handle for ease when moving the pan around from kitchen to grill.
  8. Broil King BBQ paella pan
    The Broil King paella pan is crafted from stainless steel in a traditional design that is perfectly fit for purpose, and will enable you to cook delicious smokey tasting paella in an authentic way. This pan is multi-functional and can also be used for roasting or frying other dishes on the BBQ..
  9. Broil King cast iron BBQ mini roaster
    This Broil King mini BBQ roaster is a great BBQ accessory for smaller BBQs, providing an even heat when baking. This mini BBQ roaster is created from cast iron and porcelain coated which makes it both heavy duty and easy to clean.
  10. Broil King 4 piece BBQ tool set
    This Broil King 4 piece BBQ tool set includes a turner, locking tong, silicone basting brush and BBQ brush, all crafted from durable, high density stainless steel and resin. Large handles ensure the utmost functionality for even the most demanding BBQ chef!

41-50 of 56