Choosing the right portable BBQ

Portable BBQs are lightweight, easily transportable and yet still practical for most barbecuing requirements. This makes them a perfect summer accessory for families or groups of friends whether setting off on an outdoor activity holiday, organising a picnic or just enjoying a day out at the beach or in the countryside.

Available in both charcoal or gas, a portable BBQ will provide you with cooking capabilities in almost any location in the great outdoors; giving you the chance to enjoy your surroundings whilst savouring the delicious taste of your grilled masterpieces. They also, perhaps surprisingly, offer advantages for home use with their ability to be easily packed away and protected from bad weather (without the need for covers and sufficient storage space) whilst presenting a less arduous task when it comes to cleaning and maintenance due to their smaller size.

The advantages associated with using portable BBQs are a given, but some may argue that they are ineffective in lots of situations, especially when cooking for larger numbers. However, with the right choice of BBQ, a carefully considered menu and a schedule of cooking times to hand, it is possible to cater for around 6 people, making these mini grills a useful addition to any barbecuers wish list.

Portable gas BBQs

  • With instant ignition, a portable gas BBQ will reach the desired temperature required quickly, allowing you to go on an impromptu picnic and enjoy your dishes that bit quicker.
  • With the ability to adjust the temperature built in to portable gas BBQs, you can accurately cook a wider range of dishes, allowing you to get more creative regardless of your location.
  • It’s a sore point for all of us, but the unpleasant task of cleaning your portable BBQ is an important one; gas BBQs offer a less time consuming option, allowing you to simply turn on the burners high whilst brushing the grate with warm water in order to make them sparkle and ready for your next outdoors adventure!
  • One thing to think about with gas BBQs is the need for carrying gas bottles - there are lots of small bottles available, some of which that have been designed specifically for the purpose of portability, making carrying a gas bottle and BBQ no more arduous than a bag of charcoal.

Once you have made your decision and have your chosen portable BBQ to hand, it’s time to head out into the great outdoors! But when it comes to setting up your grill on the go, there are a couple of things to remember in order to be safe:

Never take your BBQ indoors
Regardless of whether you are using gas or charcoal, your BBQ will be giving off a low amount of carbon monoxide. Although this will not present a problem when being used outdoors in a well-ventilated area, it can be lethal if taken indoors where it is enclosed. Therefore, it is essential that you never move your BBQ indoors, whether that is into a tent, caravan or house. For more information, read our guide about the dangers of CO poisoning and how to remain safe.

Choose a safe location
When positioning your BBQ prior to ignition, always ensure that it is located in a place safe for purpose, and stood on a flat, fireproof surface. Ensure that you’re not using your portable BBQ near those inhabiting the area or any flammable materials that could present a fire risk.

So, with your bags packed, portable BBQ at the ready and the trip of a lifetime ahead of you, make the most of your outdoor grilling experiences and enjoy all the freedom of cooking that a portable BBQ has to offer!