Off Grid - What Is It?

Off Grid Living in the UK

Read information and advice about what living off the grid is like, and the benefits of using alternate forms of energy.

Off Grid Living – What is it?

Off-grid homes is commonly where there is no public utility services to provide them with access to the gas mains for heating and cooking. Instead, they’re powered by alternative sources of energy; such as oil, LPG gas, BioLPG gas, solid fuel, air source heat pumps, or electric.

If you’re moving to the country, particularly a remote rural location, you may find yourself living off grid – and as such, you’ll need to consider which type of fuel is best for your lifestyle.

What to Consider when Living off the Grid?

There are many reasons to choose LPG or BioLPG as your off-grid fuel:

Out of sight, out of mind. LPG can be hidden underground , out of sight, freeing up space in your garden and allowing you to make the most of any view.

Better for the environment. BioLPG has the exact same chemical composition as conventional LPG, however it is created from 100% renewable materials and waste, so could help reduce a property’s carbon footprint by up to 38% compared to heating oil*. BioLPG works with existing LPG appliances.

Auto-ordering. Rather than having to regularly checking oil levels LPG & BioLPG offer automatic telemetry systems that monitors the fuel and reorders when it starts to get low.

LPG for Home Heating

LPG is a great off-grid energy alternative to electric and oil and is safe to use, non-toxic and reliable when other means of power fail are not available.

Because LPG is a highly efficient fuel, it provides a good return on every unit of energy spent. In fact, a modern LPG condensing boiler fuelled by gas is proven to be 90% more efficient than older or standard boilers.

LPG vs Oil

Not only are LPG boilers often cheaper to buy than oil boilers they burn cleaner and appliances often require less maintenance as a result.

LPG vs Electricity

LPG offers instant, controllable heat and cooking on gas often offers great culinary flexibility.

LPG vs Solid Fuel

With no day to day manual refueling LPG also offers instant, controllable heat.

LPG for New Builds

Calor gas can offer all the convenience and reliability of mains gas and can reduce both your costs and energy consumption.

* For full terms please see What is LPG?