Phil Spencer chats to Calor about off-grid home heating

Posted on: Friday, August 24, 2018 by Katy Blake

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Calor caught up with property expert and star of ‘Location, Location, Location’ Phil Spencer to get his thoughts on moving to the countryside and the options available for home heating…

Do many people consider fuel type when thinking about a move to the countryside?

It’s probably not at the forefront of their minds, but when someone sees a property that they like, they do often ask, “what is the energy source?”. If they are new to the countryside, it’s likely they won’t be aware of the different fuel types available

Do you think an off-grid gas such as LPG or BioLPG is a good fuel option for those new to rural living?

As gas is often more familiar, it can be an easier fuel. Historically most people were on oil, as they inherited the heating system with the property. It’s all about modern technology and bringing things up to date – if you’re building a house now you wouldn’t put oil in it, gas is a better option.

Do you think people value being able to cook on gas in an ‘off-grid’ home?

Most people want to cook on gas when looking for a new home – in fact, I’ve never had it the other way around. Keen cooks always want gas. I’ve never had someone say, ‘I won’t buy that house because it hasn’t got gas’, but I absolutely have had people say ‘I want gas in my house, so when you’re selecting properties it needs to be on gas’.

What would be your main piece of advice for people wanting to renovate their new home?

Whenever you’re building, refurbishing or making changes to a home, my advice is to always bring it as up to date as you can. There’s no point putting something in that in three years’ time will out of date.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up to ‘ignite your day’?

I have to have a cup of tea in bed – if it’s going to be a good day it needs to start with that! And freshly laid eggs for breakfast.

Phil has recently launched MoveiQ, offering comprehensive, up to date and relevant information and advice for anyone who is buying or renting a property in the UK.