Mental health matters

Posted on: Friday, October 5, 2018 by Katy Blake

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We’d like to ask: “How’ve you been?”

Instinctively, you’d probably like to say “I’m good” or “everything’s great”. But how many of us have answered exactly that, whilst we didn’t really mean it? It’s sometimes daunting to admit that we’re not doing as well as we’d hoped. We’d like to nestle ourselves amongst that familiar white lie – “I’m good” – to hide how we’re truly feeling.

Whilst it can be a frightening thought to admit that things aren’t okay, The Mental Health Foundation report that 65% of people say they’ve experienced a mental health problem. That’s nearly two-thirds of people who aren’t “good” or “fine” – but are battling with their own mental health.

This is one of the many reasons we’ve partnered with Mind – an extraordinary mental health charity – who provide advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

We’d like to encourage you to pause and do something positive for yourself. So on the 10th October, which is World Health Day, we’ll be sharing a few ideas with you to hopefully influence a little boost to your day. We know you’re short on time; too – so we’ll be modifying our “Safety Minute”, just this once, to show you how you can achieve this in just one minute.

We hope this gives you a little inspiration, and, most importantly – start the conversation surrounding our mental well-being.

Make A Plan – When was the last time you felt totally overwhelmed? For most of us; it wasn’t that long ago. Prevention is a lot better than cure; in this case, so take a minute to plan out what you need to do today. It’ll help keep you on track; and give you a sense of achievement when you tick everything off.

Have a Drink – Whether it’s quintessential cup of tea, an invigorating coffee, a soothing hot chocolate or a refreshing water; taking a minute to make a drink and keep yourself hydrated will boost your mental and physical health. Just remember to stop after a few coffees – all that caffeine can increase feelings of anxiety.

Send a Text – Take a moment to pick up your phone and text a friend or family member. You don’t need anything to say – just check in to see how they are; and reinforce their (and your!) support network. You’ll likely boost their day; too!

Breathe Mindfully – Close your eyes for 60 seconds and focus your attention on taking deep, restorative breaths. You might feel a bit silly; but it’s surprisingly effective at giving you some head space and clearing your mind.

Go Outside – Just a few moments outside, away from your desk or your home, does wonders for your mood. It’s even better if you have a bit of time to spend in the sun; boosting your vitamin C!

Play a Tune – Grab some headphones and pick a song that will boost your mood. Busy? Go for something fast-paced and get the adrenaline pumping. Stressed? Try something calming. A radio poll found that Deadmau5 was the UK’s favourite artist for calming songs!

Take a Moment – Ready to change another ingrained behaviour? Instead of pushing on through until 5pm; take a moment to yourself when you need it. Go for a walk around the office, sit in a meeting room, network with colleagues. Whatever you feel like doing; down tools for a moment, rest your head and go back to work with added vigour.

Meditate – Whether you choose morning or night; guided or unguided, meditation can make the world a better place. If you’re not sure where to start; try using an app such as Headspace; which have won awards for their great ideas!