Calor Gas delighted to unveil new road on Canvey Island

Posted on: Friday, October 10, 2014 by Holly Birditt

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Today Calor Gas Ltd (Calor) officially opened a brand new private road to their LPG terminal on Canvey Island. The road will allow Calor bulk tankers direct access to the Calor Terminal from the Roscommon Way Extension – routing Calor tankers away from Canvey Island homes and businesses, as well as the local schools.


Canvey opening news

The new road is the end product of a 3 year, £1 million project and was built as part of a collaboration between Calor and Oikos. It means that hundreds of tanker journeys no longer have to be made through the centre of Canvey to access the terminal via Thorney Bay Road and Thames Road.

As part of this development, extensive ecological mitigation measures have been used to protect local wildlife. Particularly the resident Great Crested Newts, which are Britain’s largest newt species whose national populations have declined over recent years as a result of the destruction and fragmentation of their habitat, despite being legally protected.

Other environmental innovations have been put in place to encourage the development of a range of habitats and attract new species. During construction the entire area has been safeguarded through the installation of a perimeter wildlife proof fence to prevent Great Crested Newts and other animals from entering the site. Additional features to help amphibians have been provided including road crossings, underpasses, grills and special kerbs to stop them from falling into, and move past, road drains.

Additionally, the scheme has included the creation of large areas enhanced for invertebrates and an extensive ‘open mosaic habitat’ that combines features associated with brownfield sites in order to support a variety of plant species. The restored habitats will be monitored and managed to ensure they are successful in providing the expected ecological benefits associated with the new road.

The road was formally opened by Rebecca Harris, MP for Castle Point, Tim Collins, Operations Director, Calor Gas Ltd, Graeme Lockwood, National Terminals Manager, Calor Gas Ltd, and Ray Howard, Councillor for Castle Point Borough Council and Essex County Council, after whom the new road has been christened ‘Howard’s Way’ in recognition of his 46 years in public service.

Tim Collins, Operations Director, Calor Gas Ltd said: “We are delighted to formally open this new road today at our Terminal here on Canvey Island. It has been the culmination of significant hard work from our team here at Calor and Oikos, as well as the help and guidance of the local community and environmental experts. We look forward to the local wildlife being able to benefit from the new habitats which have been developed and the positive impact of this road on the residents of Canvey as a whole.”

Rebecca Harris, MP for Castle Point, said: “I am very pleased that Calor and Oikos came together, recognised the community need for this road and  I am very grateful to Calor for agreeing to fund it. This is the result of years of hard work between the two companies, private landowners and the local authorities and I want to thank all parties involved for their persistence and for allowing Ray and myself to oversee the project and occasionally prod you to move faster. This road will finally take all vehicles containing gas off of Long Road and the surrounding residential streets making our roads safer and less congested.”

Ray Howard, Councillor for Castle Point Borough Council and Essex County Council, said: “I, too, am delighted that Calor have taken the initiative and constructed this road and would commend them for that. I have had the pleasure of working with Calor since they bought the terminal on Canvey Island and they immediately wanted to become involved in community affairs.  They had a representative as a school governor and have been very generous to local organisations and the schools when they have applied for funding.

“I am deeply proud and honoured to think that Calor are naming this road after me for my long years in public service.”

Colin Horton, Managing Director of Oikos, said: “Oikos always places the safety of people at the top of its priorities. When the opportunity arose to reduce the risk to the local community by allowing Calor to divert its road tankers across Oikos leasehold land away from a built up area, then, of course, we were happy to support the scheme. Oikos has agreed this without charging Calor for the use of the land.”

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