Britain’s Best Rural View

Posted on: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 by Katy Blake

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This summer we ran a competition with BBC Countryfile Magazine online to find ‘Britain’s Best Local Rural View’.

The Calor winner, voted for by a team of Calor judges is ‘sunrise over Coleshill’, captured by Ian Sherriffs.  The publicly voted winner is Emma Sanders, with ‘Burghley House fly-by’  

Both winners received a weekend away in a Forest Holidays luxury cabin as their prize.

Ian Sherriff’s image ‘Sunrise over Coleshill’ was taken last Winter in Oxfordshire when Ian was walking his partner Victoria and their dog. As he came around a corner he saw the beautiful view framed by the gate and trees. He really liked the composition and thought it would make a great photo if shot at sunrise so a week later he went back to get the picture.

The Calor judges chose this as the winning image as “it has so many great things going for it. Firstly, it’s a stunning shot that really celebrates the countryside in all its glory. The ‘muddy puddle’ at the foot of the gate gives the image a realness quality and so does the dangling branches from the tree. The framing of the sun is absolutely perfect but the image somehow manages to retain a captured moment feel about it. The overall shot has had a lot of care and the photographer’s attention to detail is brilliant. And on top of all that, the composition makes all the elements come together to work in unison.”

Ian moved to a countryside cottage on a farm in Oxfordshire around three and a half years ago with his partner and dog Ernie after living in towns all of his life. He finds the countryside a great release from being at a computer for most of the day for his day job, especially being in the midst of it when the seasons are changing!

 “Being outdoors is a very important escape for me, as my day job as an analyst I spend a lot of the day in front of a computer and getting outdoors before work, after work and on the weekends provides me with an opportunity unwind, relax and appreciate the great places and wildlife we have on our doorstep.”

Ian’s main hobbies are bird watching and photography, capturing images of wildlife such as birds and deer in their natural habitat with his digital SLR camera. Ian is also training to be a bird ringer with the British Trust of Ornithology.  Through his photography he wants to share the beauty of nature with people living in cities that might not get see it as much as he does. Ian posts a lot of his photography on his Instagram @IanSherriffsPhotography and Twitter @Sherriffs_UK pages.

“Burghley House fly-by”

Burghley House, near Stamford, Lincolnshire is one of England’s greatest Elizabethan houses and hosts the world-famous Burghley Horse Trials.

Emma was competing at the horse trials event this September and on the final day of the event when walking around with the sun setting, she noticed how beautiful the sky looked so decided to take a burst of photos there and then. She didn’t realise the birds formed perfectly until she looked at the images afterwards!


“I see so many beautiful views but Burghley house has always been my favourite. It’s a gorgeous place to have in our county, we are so lucky”

Emma lives in a small village in an agricultural area of Lincolnshire with her partner, dog and cat. She loves being so close to the outdoors, taking advantage of fantastic walks and activities right on her doorstep. A perfect start to Emma’s day is taking her dog for a walk early in the morning as the sun is rising, especially when it’s cold and frosty! With her family they also love getting out walking and exploring further afield in the British Countryside – particularly Cornwall, Norfolk and Yorkshire.

When contacted about her winning photo Emma said “I am so excited that I won! I never thought it would be that popular but I have quite a big social media following and I shared it on there so it’s so nice to see how many people liked the photo that much too!”

Emma regularly takes snapshots of her daily life for Instagram @EmmaKateSanders , documenting life in the countryside and her travels.

Emma is looking forward to her Forest Holidays weekend away and has chosen Norfolk as it has beautiful woodlands which are perfect for long walks with her dog.

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