Air Quality Awards: Air Quality Champion Nominee David Evans MBE

Posted on: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 by Katy Blake

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On Thursday; we’ll be at the Air Quality Awards in London to unveil the winner of our “Air Quality Champion” award. Here’s another of our finalists; David Evans MBE.

Indoor air quality is a topic David Evans MBE is passionate about; and he has invested significant time, energy, money and wisdom into raising awareness of it, and educating people around it. He used his previous experiences to design Airtopia; a social enterprise that aims to raise awareness and promote healthier habits at home, through a method of achieving behavioural change through communication, education, measurement and reward. David receives no money from this venture.

One of David’s earliest memories is of delivering newspapers as a young boy in Bermondsey; wearing a mask that his father had given him to protect him from the smog. When he got home, the mask would be covered in yellow and brown grime. David was the first person to receive their MBE solely for “Services to Corporate Social Responsibility” with his company, the Grass Roots PLC, and when he sold this; he decided to devote his time to an issue he felt was underappreciated by the public. With the memory of those masks firmly in his mind, he chose indoor air quality.

David has invested more than three-quarters of a million in researching indoor air quality; and through Airtopia, provides domestic IAQ tests which measure thermal comfort and common pollutants such as VOCs, MVOCs, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. Each customer receives a bespoke report, and personal remedial advice. Airtopia currently focuses on London and Birmingham; but will provide national coverage as demand requires.

Airtopia is one of few domestic IAQ testing services; and further differentiates itself by sending analysts in person to people’s homes, allowing them to act as tutors and inspire customers to make real changes.

David’s work doesn’t stop there; either – he partnered with Global Action Plan for their Clean Air Day; he is hosting a fundraiser with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child’s Health to research into IAQ’s effect on children’s health, and he’s offered to personally underwrite their funding up to £50,000. He’s also working with Great Ormond Street hospital on a pilot program that would see Airtopia test the homes of 100 patients; allowing them to improve their IAQ and their health. Next, he’s hoping to develop a programme to run in schools, educating school children about air quality and allowing them to assist with monitoring so that they can actively see how their actions affect air quality; and hopefully take that message home to their families and communities.