Air Quality Awards: Air Quality Champion Nominee David Carslaw

Posted on: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 by Katy Blake

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On Thursday; we’ll be at the Air Quality Awards in London to unveil the winner of our “Air Quality Champion” award. Here’s one of our finalists; David Carslaw.

You may have heard of some of Dr Carslaw’s work; with two recent developments being pivotal to working towards a better understanding of air quality and how we can improve it in the UK.

Openair, which can be seen on David’s Github here, is an open source project which has developed and made available many innovative data analysis techniques. Infact, David’s techniques are widely credited as being “the key” to enabling Air Quality Managers to understand and access superior insights into air quality challenges. The richness of the data within this tool allows the whole air quality community to better understand the sources and influencers of the air pollution climate; and provides the robust evidence necessary to support improved policy decision making. Openair isn’t just a UK triumph; either – it’s used extensively across the world, across the public, private and academic sectors.

Another key part of Dr Carslaw’s work is his research into real-world vehicle emissions. David played a big part in highlighting the discrepancy between laboratory-certified and real-world vehicle emissions performance; and developing the largest UK real-world driving emissions database of it’s kind, which holds over 300,000 measurements from across the UK. These studies have provided new insights into the true nature of vehicle emissions; taking into consideration the differences between fuel types, technologies, driving conditions, vehicle age and environmental effects such as ambient temperature and road gradient, all of which are critical to making and tailoring plans for Low Emission and Clean Air Zones.

David has been a member of the UK’s Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG) since 2002; and currently holds a joint position between the University of York’s Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories (as a Reader in Air Pollution Science), and Ricardo (as Knowledge Leader for Air Quality).