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Liquid Gas UK's re-brand marks a new vision for the future

Matthew Hickin speaking at Liquid Gas UK launch
UKLPG announce their new name, Liquid Gas UK, and share their inspiring vision for the industry. 

On Wednesday 3rd July, the UK’s LPG trade association held an event in London to announce their new name – Liquid Gas UK – as well as an inspiring vision for the industry.

Formally known as UKLPG, Liquid Gas UK’s re-brand marks the industry’s drive to achieve a greener future, aiming to provide 100% renewable products (such as BioPropane) by 2040. Liquid Gas UK’s re-brand encompasses the industry’s move away from a reliance on petroleum.

We at Calor Gas similarly share Liquid Gas UK’s 2040 ambition, offering our customers renewable energy solutions with BioLPG.

We are very pleased to introduce Matthew Hickin, our very own CEO, as Chair of Liquid Gas UK. Matthew celebrates Liquid Gas UK’s 2040 vision and Calor’s contribution during this exciting time:

“For more than 80 years, LPG has been a key part of the UK energy mix and going forward we believe that LPG and BioLPG can support UK and Devolved Government’s commitments to decarbonise across a variety of sectors. While LPG already offers significant reductions in carbon and particulate emissions, BioLPG is the future for our sector. Already available on the market today, BioLPG is a ‘drop-in’ fuel allowing homes, businesses and industry to reduce their carbon footprint without expensive changes to heating systems.”

The launch event was attended by a whole host of influential figures, including industry executives, leading energy MPs and officials from the energy and rural affairs sectors. Matthew took centre stage at the event to promote the opportunity presented by renewable liquid fuels to the off-gas grid. His message was supported by Peter Aldous (Conservative MP for Waveney and Chair of the Parliamentary Intelligent Energy Group) and Alan Whitehead (Labour MP for Southampton and Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change). Both complimented the industry on its ambition and saw it as a credible way to decarbonise homes and businesses in rural UK.

We are proud to be so closely aligned with a trade association who share our sustainability goals. This change marks not only a step towards a greener industry, but also a needed push towards a greener tomorrow.

To go greener today, head over to our BioLPG page.