LPG Tank Siting Regulations and Guidance

LPG tank regulations, guidance and screening information for domestic & small commercial LPG installations

In case of gas leaks there should be plenty of room around the tanks to ensure good air flow so that pockets of heavier-than-air LPG vapours cannot build up around them.

It is also very important to keep the area around the tank free of rubbish, particularly if it is combustible or could reduce the levels of ventilation. For similar reasons keep weeds and grass cut down around the tank.

You can find further information on our LPG tank siting regulations and guidance sheet.

Please ensure that nothing can obstruct the gas delivery drivers line of sight and weeds, long grass, shrubs/trees and any combustible material is removed from the area to the required separation distance. These are:-

  • For LPG tanks up to 2500 Litres = 3 Metres
  • For LPG tanks over 2500 Litres = 7.5 Metres

Any visual screening should:

  • Be located at least 1 metre from the tank and one side of the tank only
  • Use materials suitable for screening purposes such as :
    • Brick
    • Stone
    • Non flammable wooden fencing
    • Metal panels
    • Evergreen shrubs