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Updating and replacing home heating is a big decision for your customer. So it’s only natural they’ll want to make an informed choice about their fuel type. There are a number of reasons why LPG should be the fuel choice you recommend to your off-grid customers. 

6 reasons your customer should choose LPG

The closest alternative to mains gas

Calor gas offers a cleaner, efficient and modern alternative to heating the home than many other rural fuels. It can be used for home heating, hot water, cooking and gas fires.

LPG boilers are cheaper to buy

On average LPG boilers are £900 cheaper than buying a new or replacement oil boiler.* Plus, when switching from oil to LPG there’s usually no need for your customer to change their internal pipework or radiators. 

Range of storage options

There are three gas storage options – above or under-ground tanks or cylinders. A below ground tank is buried under-ground out of sight, or our compact cylinders may be the right solution for your customer’s home.

Above ground tanks can be installed for free, while an under-ground tank can be installed for only £1500.

No tank replacement costs

It’s recommended that homeowners change their oil tank every 15 years, which can cost them up to £2000. As Calor own the storage tank there is no tank to buy, or replacement costs to worry about.

Virtually impossible to steal

Oil is often targeted by thieves in rural areas. Theft from a gas tank is virtually impossible, giving your customer peace of mind.

Cleaner and greener than oil

LPG burns quietly and cleanly with virtually no soot, emitting around 20% less CO₂ per kWh than heating oil. Unlike oil, there are fewer contamination risks with Calor gas. It’s non-toxic and non-corrosive as well as having a less noticeable odour in comparison.

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