We’re currently experiencing cylinder availability issues due to higher demand and restricted supply. Some cylinder sizes are unavailable or limited to exchange only. Calor Centres are closed to the public. Please read our full statement.

We always make sure that our experts are in the right place at every given time

We want to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and safely, for you. Whether your LPG pipework requires a check or servicing, or, your LPG tank is due an inspection or needs a replacement, our team of experts will arrange a visit at a time that best suits you.  

Pipework checks

Time for a pipework check?

UKLPG have created a handy pipework check tool to help you identify any problems with your pipework. If you'd like to talk to us about the results of your pipework check, or if something doesn’t look right with your pipework, please give our team a call

Pipework servicing

We all know that some things aren't always how they should be

And this could be the case for your LPG pipework

That’s why we offer a service for your LPG pipework, to make sure that it’s all in tip-top condition. If you’d like your pipework to be serviced, simply give us a call.

In the case of pipework, it doesn't always get better with age. Whilst we inspect your pipework, we will identify any old pipework which may need to be replaced. This will give you added peace of mind, knowing that your pipework will be more robust and last even longer.

External pipework servicing 

You might be thinking...

"But isn't it what's inside that counts?"

That’s true. But it’s important that the outside looks (and feels) good, too. That's why we take pride in our external pipework servicing. You can rely on us to ensure that your LPG pipework is in the best possible condition.

  • Carried out by LPG qualified, Gas Safe registered engineers
  • A thorough safety inspection
  • Tightness testing (if there’s a gas leak, it’ll be detected right away)

LPG tank inspections 

Unsure whether you're due an LPG tank inspection?

Not to worry

We’ll let you know when you’re due an inspection and arrange a visit for a time that suits you. The inspection only takes 60 minutes, giving you the perfect excuse to catch up on that episode you’ve been dying to watch.


For safety requirements and in advance of any inspection, please read our guidance on LPG tank screening. This will make sure that your tank is fully accessible for us to inspect.

If you've been contacted, to arrange a date for the inspection of your tank, or if you'd like to let us know about any special access requirements, please fill out our LPG Tank Inspection request form below.

LPG tank replacements

Providing you with the best of the best

Especially when it comes to our LPG tanks

When our experts think that you’re ready for a LPG tank replacement, they’ll be sure to install one for you right away.

As an added bonus, your gas will only be switched off for a short period of time so you can carry on with your day as usual. Plus, all of the gas contents will be quickly transferred to your new LPG tank. And the whole installation will only take up to three hours, so it’s pretty speedy.

If you have been informed that you are due an LPG tank replacement and would like to arrange a suitable date for this, please fill out our LPG Tank Replacement contact form below.

All that we ask, in advance of your tank replacement, is that you could please remove any obstruction, vegetation or screening from around the tank and provide at least 1 metre clearance on all sides. Find out more about tank screening. This ensures that we are in compliance with the UKLPG codes of practice.

Apart from that, you can leave the rest to us.