We’re currently experiencing cylinder availability issues due to higher demand and restricted supply. Some cylinder sizes are unavailable or limited to exchange only. Calor Centres are closed to the public. Please read our full statement.

Existing customers, with your own tank

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Delivery information

We'll keep you up-to-date about your bulk energy deliveries. Head over to our delivery information page for all you need to know.

Local Calor operation centres

Find your local centre by region:

1 Grangemouth (Scotland)   0345 609 6201
2 Port Clarence (North-East)  0345 609 6202
3  Elland (North)  0345 609 6205
4  Neath (West)  0345 609 6206
5  Stoney-Stanton (Midlands)  0345 609 6209
6  Plymouth (South-West)  0345 609 6207
7  Fawley (South)  0345 609 6208
8  Coryton (East)  0345 609 6210

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