Gas vs Charcoal

Discover the differences between gas and charcoal BBQs and understand how BBQ food gets it's flavour.

With the sun beginning to shine and the BBQ season fast approaching many of us will soon be enjoying the delights of alfresco dining with family and friends, whilst delving into our favourite grilled dishes.

If the promise of sunny days has caused you to consider purchasing a new BBQ, here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should be cooking on gas this summer.

Top 5 reasons to cook on gas

1. Convenience

For many, this may simply be reason enough to opt for a gas BBQ over that of the charcoal variety. Offering instant ignition, you can be sure that your grill will be functioning at the exact temperature you need within around ten minutes, whilst the issue of cleaning becomes an easier one without the need to remove piles of ash from the base of your BBQ after each use; instead facing a quick scrub down before storage.

2. Same great BBQ flavours

As a point still argued within the barbecuing community, many would state that gas BBQs couldn't achieve the same great BBQ taste found in foods cooked over charcoal. However this simply isn’t true! There’s certainly no argument that charcoal emits a far larger amount of smoke, but most importantly, at the point at which this type of BBQ is ready to begin cooking it will no longer be emitting this smoke and, instead simply giving off large amounts of heat. In actual fact, the delicious flavours we all love come from the meat dripping onto the heat source below which erupts into smoke and infuses the foods on the grill, regardless of whether that heat source is charcoal or gas.

3. Temperature

Providing you with the ability to maintain or change the temperature within your BBQ before or during cooking, gas offers far greater possibilities when it comes to the grilling methods you use (such as indirect or direct barbecuing). With gas you can ensure that each of your dishes are perfectly cooked every time; remaining succulent and flavoursome, without the fear of burning meats in order to ensure that they are cooked right through.

4. Increased barbecuing time

Opening up far greater possibilities when it comes to utilising tools such as rotisseries or attempting to grill or roast much larger cuts of meat, the use of gas for your BBQ allows you to cook for greater amounts of time without the need to change or replenish your fuel supply (an issue often encountered by those using charcoal BBQs). This not only provides you with the ability to try a more diverse selection of recipes on your grill but also ensures that you can enjoy extended barbecuing time with friends and family, well into the summer evenings.

5. A more versatile cooking experience

With many gas BBQs now boasting multiple burners which can be controlled in groups, dependent on their location within the main unit of your BBQ; maintaining control over multiple dishes at once is easy. For example, why not lower the power of your burners on one side of your BBQ whilst keeping the other side on high; allowing you to sear your meats before transferring them to the lower temperature to continue to cook slowly without burning?

Indirect barbecuing also becomes possible with this functionality, offering BBQ enthusiasts the chance to explore new and more advanced recipes that are more difficult to achieve over charcoal.

In essence, gas BBQs offer a much easier and convenient grilling experience, whilst still offering the same great BBQ tastes we all know and love.