Choosing a safe location

Being one of our favourite summer activities, many of us will soon be enjoying the delicious flavours and smells of grilled food sizzling away on our BBQs. But with hundreds of fires occurring each year due to equipment being set up in unwise locations, it’s important that we get to grips with how to choose a safe location.

Steps for choosing a safe location

Never BBQ indoors
All BBQ’s, gas or charcoal, exude harmful gases such as carbon monoxide making them extremely dangerous if used in an enclosed area, even if near to open windows or doors. This not only includes your home, but also caravans or tents. So for safe barbecuing, always find a well-ventilated area outdoors to set up your grill.

Find the right surface
Regardless of the type of BBQ you are using, always choose a non-flammable, flat surface to locate your BBQ; ideally this would be on a patio or concrete area which provides stability and is highly durable to heat.

Maintain a safe distance
Due to the social nature of British BBQ’s, we will often enjoy the company of a large group of guests when sparking up the grill. However, as with any hot appliance it is essential that all those attending, do not congregate too close to the BBQ. Where possible, it’s a good idea to mark off an area six feet around the BBQ to avoid any harmful accidents

Follow the manufacturers guidelines
It may seem an obvious point to make, but with many home and garage fires resulting from BBQs being placed too close to flammable structures, the importance of following the instructions provided with your BBQ becomes more evident.

Consider all potential hazards nearby
As mentioned previously, your BBQ should be set at a distance from nearby surrounding buildings and other objects. Take the time to consider all potential fire hazards that your BBQs flames could spread to, such as fences, trees or table cloths, and remember, it can take only seconds for a spark to catch and spread.

Curious little fingers
It is vital to ensure that your BBQ is under constant supervision by an adult, especially when hungry children are playing nearby or looking to peek over at the flaming BBQ.

BBQs offer a great way to socialise, have fun and enjoy great tasting food with friends and loved ones, and by simply following the advice above and taking time to set up your BBQ in safe locations, you will be able to enjoy a hazard free summer of sizzling!