Calor secures rural fuel in St. Neots

Bob and Annie had been using oil to heat their home for years, but it wasn’t until they experienced oil theft first hand, that they decided to look into alternative options.

Customer profile: Bob Sproson & Annie Haskins.  Location: St. Neots.  Previous fuel type: Oil.

“We’d been struggling with oil in terms of cost for a while as we had an old boiler that wasn’t hugely efficient”, said Bob. Then, on three separate occasions, we had oil stolen from our tank. One time, we had only just filled up and so we lost over £1,000 worth of oil, literally overnight. That was all the encouragement we needed to look at a more efficient and secure way to heat our home. Following a visit from the police, we were told that there was not much we could have done to protect our oil from being stolen and in fact, we learnt that oil theft is on the rise in rural areas. We were advised to look into alternative options and turned to Calor after recommendations from our neighbours.”

Why they chose Calor Gas:

Secure - LPG is vitually impossible to steal
Discrete - Gas tank is hidden underground
Constant supply - Think Tank technology automatically orders gas top ups
Reliable and efficient supply & service - from the nation’s largest provider of LPG
Highly efficient gas boilers - helps save

Gas, off-grid
Calor gas can be used to fuel many things in your off-grid home; whether it’s on-demand heating and hot water from your boiler, a real, controllable flame for cooking, a cosy glow for your gas fire or to fuel a gas range or AGA in your kitchen. But most important of all, choosing gas gives you peace of mind. It is unlikely to be stolen and delivery can be automated so you shouldn’t run out, leaving you free to get on with running your home instead of worrying about re-ordering your fuel supply.

LPG Central Heating

LPG is a great off-grid energy alternative to electric and oil and is safe to use, non-toxic and reliable when other means of power fail are not available.

Because LPG is a highly efficient fuel, it provides a good return on every unit of energy spent. In fact, a modern LPG condensing boiler fuelled by gas is proven to be 90% more efficient than older or standard boilers.

LPG vs Oil

Not only are LPG boilers often cheaper to buy than oil boilers they burn cleaner and appliances often require less maintenance as a result.

LPG vs Electricity

LPG offers instant, controllable heat and cooking on gas often offers great culinary flexibility.

LPG vs Solid Fuel

With no day to day manual refueling LPG also offers instant, controllable heat.

LPG for New Builds

Calor gas can offer all the convenience and reliability of mains gas and can reduce both your costs and energy consumption.