BBQ steak with salt crust recipe

Thickly coated in a salt crust to seal in delicious natural juices, this recipe requires a careful hand whilst grilling but the end result is tender, flavoursome BBQ steak that will leave you wanting more! Don’t fear - the steak won't taste salty, and this quick-fire recipe for two can be served up in just 20 minutes...

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Grill time: 10 minutes
Serves 2


  • 2 of your favourite cuts of steak
  • 450 grams of coarse sea salt or rock salt.
  • Water to measure


1) In a bowl, mix the salt with enough water to create thick paste. You may need to add a little at a time being sure not to add too much, or the salt mix will become runny and difficult to spread.

2) Push half of your salt mix firmly onto one side of each steak and place onto your ready-heated BBQ, salt side up.

3) When the salt starts to brown and become a firm crust, very carefully turn the steaks over so that it’s now salt down, and press the remaining salt onto the opposite sides of the steaks.

4) Now continue to BBQ your steaks as you normally would, removing from grill when it's just the way you like it. You can now break off the salt crusts and your steaks are ready to serve.

Try serving this recipe with some chunky sweet potato wedges and a warm rocket salad, or slice your steaks to serve in a warm baguette.