The perfect fuel for the chef in you

Calor gas gives the same instant heat and complete control as mains gas, but without the mains supply!

Cooking on gas

With Calor gas, you get all the home benefits of mains gas – instant, completely controllable flame for cooking as well as the option of adding additional appliances for comfortable rural living – all in one fuel.

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Benefits of Calor gas


Cooking with gas

Calor gas is a versatile fuel that provides instant, controllable heat, unlike electricity – meaning that cooking on a hob or using an oven is just like cooking with mains gas. What's more, carbon dioxide emissions are much lower, so it's environmentally friendly too. With our range of LPG cookers to choose from, you'll be cooking like a chef in no time and benefiting from the following:

  • It ignites instantly with no fuss
  • It has a visible blue flame that's easily controlled to get exactly the right temperature
  • Burns cleanly and efficiently without producing soot, smoke or smell
  • 96% of professional chefs prefer using LPG for cooking and 9/10 would recommend others to as well*

Other appliances

You don't need to worry about refilling gas bottles, your bulk gas tank can fuel other appliances around the home. We can add additional gas points throughout your home, such as; a fixed gas point in your garage for your gas powered tumble dryer or in your garden for your BBQ or patio heater. We can take care of all of your rural living needs – indoors or outdoors, summer or winter.

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Get in touch

Monday to Friday between 08:30 - 17:30 or Saturday 09:00 - 13:00. Call us free on:

0800 626 626

Email a member of our customer service team

Enquire online

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*Source obtained from- Propane Council