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Diptford School Library Project

Fund applied for: £1,000

Location: Devon

1877 votes so far

Project description

Diptford School is a small school in rural South Devon. The school library is popular but small. It takes 20 minutes to drive to the nearest local library so for most of the children the school library is the only one they can readily access. Friends of Diptford School (FODS) are therefore fundraising to buy more books to refresh and expand the school library stock, to spark and fuel a love of reading!

We are responding to a child-led demand for more books, the children have already set up their own Book Swap club in which they lend one another books from home. They are also requesting the latest popular fiction titles and a range non-fiction books at the school library, but these titles are simply not available.

The teachers work hard to engage the children's reading and to this end plan to introduce ‘Accelerated Reader’ in the academic year 2017-18. This is a proven scheme in which children read a book and then go online to take a quiz. It develops reading comprehension and can engage those children who are less fluent readers, as they read great texts and earn virtual rewards within the programme.

Mrs Neil, our Headteacher, visited other schools to explore their use of ‘Accelerated Reader’. She observed that it can impact reading ages in the first term of use and that it is well received by children and teachers alike. The funding would be used to buy books that are available on the ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme. This an effective way to engage children with reading, as demonstrated by this feedback from Mrs Lethbridge, Headteacher at Harbertonford Primary School:

AR has had a tremendous impact on our pupils, in both standards and attitudes to reading.  Pupils of all ages have excelled, with many making better than expected reading progress, but none more so than those pupils who have found reading a challenge.  The National Curriculum requires pupils, quite rightly, to develop a love of reading and AR supports that beautifully.  Our pupils now access a much wider range of books to support reading progress, including popular authors, non-fiction and classic texts. Their reading experiences are, as such, richer and more extensive. Pupils are excited to read the stimulating books, motivated by IT element and encouraged by the personal challenge that AR provides. It has been a resounding success with pupils gaining confidence and pride in themselves.

We have the right ingredients to make this a success – the children are asking for more books and they have inspiring teachers and an existing team of Parent Librarians to guide them. But we need funding for more books. Please vote for the Diptford School Library project – help us develop the reading skills of the children, building a sound foundation for their wider education. Thank you for your support.
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