What is the
Calor Rural Community Fund?

Here at Calor, we wanted to give something back - by offering rural off-grid communities the chance to win funding for projects that will improve local life.

Supporting rural projects throughout the UK

Projects we support are anything from community centres, village halls and sporting venues to youth clubs and scout groups, or even initiatives to support the elderly. We have already supported a range of off-grid community projects around the UK and we look forward to supporting more this year.

Winners Stories

So how does it work?

Rural communities with projects off the mains gas grid were eligible to apply for funding. Projects that had successful applications have been published on our website for people to vote on and projects that receive the most votes in their funding category will become finalists. Finalists will be reviewed by our panel of impartial judges who will score each project and select the winners.

What type of funding is available?

We have three levels of funding available, depending on the size of your project. There are 5 x £5,000 grants, 6 x £2,500 grants and 10 x £1,000 grants available to off-grid community projects. Funding applied for must equate to 50% or more of your total project cost.

About the application process?

We asked applicants a series of eligibility questions before they completed the online application form.
Please see our eligibility terms and conditions for more information.

How to vote for projects?

You can vote for your favourite projects until 29th June 2018. In order to vote for projects, you need to register your details and then simply choose which projects you would like to give your votes to. You’ll receive 10 votes which you can use to support one project or spread them across various projects.

How are the winners chosen?

After the public voting stage, the projects with the highest number of votes in each funding category will go through to the finals, where a panel of impartial judges will score their submissions against the following criteria:

  • 40 Impact


    Judges will consider the potential impact of the project on the local community:

    • How urgent is the need in the community?
    • How many people will be impacted by this project?
    • Is the idea appealing to a broad cross-section of the community?
  • 35 Sustainability

    Project sustainability

    Judges will look at how long the project will last and how long it will benefit the benefit the community for. They will also consider how sustainable the project will be once it is launched:

    • How long will the project’s impact last in the community?
    • Does the project only need funding from the Calor Community Fund, or does it also require funding from alternative sources?
    • Does this project have clear volunteer support?
  • 10 Likelihood of success

    Likelihood of success

    Judges looked at how likely the project is to succeed:

    • How quickly can the project become a success?
    • How likely is the project to achieve its goals?
  • 5 Submission


    Judges will review the entry itself and how well it explained the project:

    • How much effort went into preparing the entry and supporting information?
    • How well considered and clearly explained is the entry?
  • 10Originality


    Judges will consider how original the project is:

    • How original is the project compared to the other projects submitted for funding?