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'Up Up and Away' - Equipment purchase for aerial dance workshops

Fund applied for: £5,000

Location: Cornwall

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Project description

Sky High Arts C.I.C combines aerial dance and mindfulness to provide unique public workshops which improve both physical and mental wellbeing. We are now ready to expand on our public courses and would like Calor Gas to fund the purchase of equipment needed to launch and run ‘Up, Up and Away’ - a programme of outreach workshops.

‘Up, Up and Away’ is a project using aerial dance and mindfulness to encourage local citizens to become more active, live healthier lifestyles and spend time outside by participating in an outdoor activity that is not only great fun, but extremely good for you.

Aerial dance is a sport/fitness activity where participants work on equipment between 2ft and 10ft in the air and includes trapeze, silks, and harness work.
Mindfulness is a form of simple mind and body meditation which helps people to manage their thoughts and feelings. It is used by the NHS and in psychology for treating and combating depression.

Using the equipment bought with this fund we will facilitate 15 aerial dance workshops at 3 inspiring off-grid locations:
World’s End, Towednack
Chy An Gwel, near Penzance
Camp Kernow, near Truro

Our outreach program is aimed at engaging 400 people in the first year. We will continue to facilitate a yearly outreach programme using the equipment bought with this fund. We aim to offer 15 workshops per year which use aerial dance, mindfulness, yoga and co-ordination exercises to encourage physical and mental well-being.

Funding will be used to buy the equipment needed to run the project : a free-standing aerial rig, children’s trapezes, rope, silks, mats and hardware.

This project is needed because
• Six out of 10 people in Cornwall are overweight or obese
• Only one in four adults take the recommended amount of physical activity
• One in five people say they have walked for 20 minutes less than once a year
• One in three children are overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school (11 years)
(Statistic taken from Cornwall Council Report)
According to The Mental Health Foundation 2015
• About a quarter of the population will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year, with mixed anxiety and depression the most common mental disorder in Britain
• one in 10 children and young people had a mental health illness
• 4% had an emotional disorder such as anxiety or depression
• Physical health and mental health are inextricably linked.

These statistics show that obesity, lack of physical exercise, and mental health issues are a huge problem in Cornwall. ‘Up, Up and Away’ aims to address some of these issues by offering an activity which combines physical and mental health benefits in a fun, unique and inspiring way.

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