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Calor gas is the ultimate choice for commercial appliances. From forklift trucks to space heaters and generators, we help keep your business up and running. And as market leaders in the supply of bottled gas, we can deliver to your door from our nationwide network of stockists.

LPG for commercial appliances

LPG for commercial appliances

LPG is more fuel efficient than diesel. When switching to an LPG forklift truck you can also benefit from a greener and cleaner environment with 23% reduction in CO2 and up to 97% reduction in particulates*.

Portable commercial heaters

Portable space heaters are a cost-effective and flexible solution for heating commercial spaces. Odourless combustion helps maintain air quality for a more pleasant working environment. Ideal for a range of situations, including construction sites, workshops and factories.

LPG powered generators

Greengear gas powered generators are fully portable, providing power where and when you need it. More efficient than petrol, they offer up to 24%** savings on running costs and are less noisy and cleaner.

Fuel your commercial appliances with Calor

If you're using bottled gas for your commercial appliances consider a switch to Calor today and you’ll benefit from an uninterrupted gas supply. With more than 10,000 gas stockists we can ensure your gas is delivered straight to your door.

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Monday to Friday between 08:30 - 17:30 or Saturday 09:00 - 13:00. Call us free on:

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*(Millbrook Proving Ground, August 2010, Report No.MBK 10/1034)

** Greengear 3kW generator at an average consumption of 1.89 litres per hour LPG using a 47kg propane cylinder at an average retail price June 2016. Compared to an equivalent 3kW petrol generator consuming 1.29l/hr using unleaded at the average cost of £1.12 pence per litre in June 2016.