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Calor gas vs diesel and electric

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There are numerous benefits of switching to Calor gas from alternative fuels such as electric and diesel. Not only has it been proven that LPG is a cleaner source of fuel, but every Calor forklift cylinder incorporates Magnatract® technology, to reduce the risk of fragmented metal particles blocking the cylinder valve.

Cleaner, quieter and more versatile than diesel

  • Low emissions mean LPG forklift trucks can be used almost anywhere, including food and other hygiene sensitive environments*
  • LPG emits considerably less particulate matter (98% in fact)** which are thought to contribute to respiratory diseases like asthma and can spoil packaging – making diesel forklift trucks unsuitable for use inside most buildings
  • LPG emissions are lead and soot free and when fitted with a 3-way catalyst contain very low levels of carbon monoxide and NOx emissions***
  • LPG spillages vaporise, ensuring there is no possibility of contaminating land or watercourse
  • Diesel installations need to comply with the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations
  • LPG forklift trucks are significantly quieter than diesel,**** meaning reduced noise pollution for all LPG supplies, unlike diesel, cannot be pilfered

More powerful and convenient than electric

  • LPG forklift trucks are typically less expensive to buy or rent and more operationally convenient when taking into account the cost of spare batteries, and daily battery recharging / replacement
  • CO2 emissions from LPG are significantly lower than those from grid-generated electricity*
  • LPG forklift trucks can operate indoors or outside and perform well on uneven surfaces and steep gradients
  • LPG forklift trucks can be refuelled in a couple of minutes versus battery recharging or change-overs associated with electric trucks. LPG delivers 24/7 operational capabilities with virtually no down time
  • LPG forklift trucks do not suffer from reduced performance at low temperatures

Why specify Calor gas

Choosing gas-powered forklift trucks delivers a lot more operational flexibility, improved efficiently, cost savings and a cleaner environment.

Calor LPG vs diesel and electric

Hear what our customers have to say

Calor Sainsburys FLT case study
"LPG delivers a number of benefits compared to diesel, including reduced emissions2, which allows forklift trucks to operate in more sensitive areas"Derek Boghurst, ‎Material Handling Fleet Manager, Sainsbury's

Read more about our Sainsburys case study and Marshalls plc case study

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