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Greener,cleaner and cost effective - there are plenty of reasons to use Calor gas

Benefits of Calor gas forklift trucks

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When it comes to replacing new forklift trucks for your fleet, why not consider gas trucks in place of diesel or electric. Gas trucks are generally more versatile and with Calor’s unbeatable service and supply infrastructure we have the means to ensure that your trucks never run dry.

We will keep your fleet up and running backed by eighty years’ experience within the industry. Switch to gas to experience reduced downtime, increased efficiencies and profitability.

Advantages of Calor gas

Reduce costs

From calculations using costs supplied by industry experts we estimate savings of up to 24% can be achieved by switching from Diesel to LPG.*

By replacing old diesel trucks with new LPG forklifts could achieve between £5000 to £16,000 per truck, over a 5 year period, find out more.

Cleaner working environment

Our clean burning LPG-fuelled forklifts offer around 98% less particulate matter over diesel, which is thought to contribute to respiratory diseases like asthma. Gas trucks deliver a much healthier environment for workers than diesel trucks, especially with a large fleet in operation.

Improve engine life and efficiency

Our clever Magnatract technology is installed within each cylinder to eliminate the potential risk of minute metal particles blocking the cylinder valve or entering the forklift trucks fuel injection system.

Reduce downtime

Calor’s Memory Dip Tubes have been manufactured from ‘memory plastic’ which, unlike steel dip tubes, are designed for flexibility and are not prone to fracture. This reduces the risk of downtime versus steel tubes which are more prone to failure interruptions and any downtime to your business.

More reasons to switch to Calor gas

  • Automatic top-up

    You don't need to worry about ordering gas for your bulk tank with our automatic top-up technology

  • Training

    Handling and safety training programmes offered and accredited by RTITB

  • Safety

    All cylinders are individually date stamped and routinely safety-checked

  • Engineering services

    Our engineering team are always on hand to help with any technical issues concerning your LPG supply

Hear what our customers have to say

Calor Marshalls case study
"As we are no longer charging batteries, we have seen electricity consumption dramatically decrease and LPG fuelled trucks cost less to operate than electric"Mick Cragg, Yard Manager, Marshalls plc


Read more about our Marshalls plc case study


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Figures calculated using typicalcost & performance parameters for 1.58 2.5 tonne trucks, running on 8 &16 hour shifts. Figures supplied by leading forklift truck OEMs.