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When deciding which fuel to use for your plants; clean burning LPG offers a range of benefits over alternative fuels. It provides a consistent temperature; eliminates the risk of contamination and is more environmentally friendly than oil. A bulk tank supply can not only heat your garden centre, green houses, poly tunnels and workshops but can also supply energy for other applications, including hot water and cooking facilities for your restaurant, coffee shop, concessions or farm shops.

Benefits of Calor

Protect the environment

Oil spills can cost up to £30,000 in fines and clean-up costs not to mention the risk of contaminating, tainting or discolouring the plants in your nursery. By installing LPG, you can protect your environment and your business.

Furthermore, you can ensure your greenhouse stays at a consistent temperature, protecting your delicate seedlings from the frost in the chilly winter months.

Versatile fuel that encourages growth

By installing an LPG bulk tank, you can not only heat your greenhouse, but also fuel your space heating needs, hot water and catering needs all from that one fuel supply.

LPG encourages a CO2 enriched environment, providing a secure and reliable environment for plant growth.

Become a Calor stockist

With demand increasing for gas cylinders, many of our garden centre customers have decided become a Calor Stockist and have reaped the benefits in the long term – why not consider this as an extra revenue stream for your business?

It's easy being a Calor customer

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