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Calor can offer a wide range of LPG solutions for commercial fisheries, angling clubs and fish farms such as oxygenation, heating, water heating, cooking and power generation.

Greener, cleaner LPG solutions fisheries

Gas storage solutions

At Calor we can offer you a variety of gas storage options,whether it’s a bulk tank to power any accommodation or shower blocks, to cylinders to ensure your café or tackle shop is running smoothly.

Our bulk tanks are fitted with automatic top-up technology that tells us when you're running low so there's no worry about ordering gas.

Greener and more efficient water pumps

Greengear water pumps have many uses, from draining down lakes prior to fish grading, to aeration in times of low dissolved oxygen levels and ice prevention during the winter months.

Quick to refuel and due to the self-contained nature of the gas you eradicate any risk of spillages near the water course protecting the environment and your business from a potentially catastrophic event.

Catering for your customers

With a wide range of catering appliances for your café or restaurant you can ensure your kitchen is equipped with high quality and durable appliances, such as, the Parry salamander grill, water boilers and griddles.

Calor also offers a variety of commercial BBQ's, mobile catering appliances and heaters, great for outdoor events.

Equipment for your tackle shop

To guarantee your customers have all they need for the perfect fishing trip, we also offer Coleman’s and Campingaz’ s range of gas cartridges perfect for cooking stoves and lanterns. To find an outlet visit our find a stockist.

LPG powered generators

The Greengear LPG powered generators are fully portable and can provide power when and where you need it. Perfect for running electrically powered air pumps and air stones as well as providing mains back up in case of power cuts

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*Greengear water pump WP-3 at an average consumption of 1.7 L/hr using a 47kg cylinder at average retail price Jan 2016. Compared to an equivalent 3” water pump running at 1.2L/hr using unleaded at the average cost of £1.04ppl in 2015.