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Welcome to Calor’s specialist industrial gas supplier service unit for energy-intensive businesses. If your annual energy bill is in the region of £80K or more, you are in the right place. For large businesses like yours our focus is on:

  • Reducing your annual fuel bill
  • Significantly lowering your carbon foot print
  • Ensuring a continuous fuel supply
  • Deploying tailored solutions and first class post-sale support

Calor's industrial LPG focus

Reduce your annual fuel bill

We will identify cost savings via the ongoing running costs and improved efficiencies delivered by our industrial heating solutions.

Significantly lower your carbon foot print

Switching from oil to gas will deliver substantial carbon reductions of up to 30%. Gas is also much lower in SOx and NOx emissions and omits insignificant levels of harmful particulates, compared to oil.

Ensuring a continuous fuel supply

At Calor we appreciate that continuity of fuel supply is essential to your business, which is why we have invested heavily in supply-chain infrastructure. Our UK off-grid liquid gas supply infrastructure is the largest in Europe.

Delivering tailored solutions and ongoing support

It goes without saying that no two fuel supply and boiler system solutions are the same where industrial gas supplier installations are concerned.This is why Calor offers free advice plus the deployment of end to end solutions, with post-sale, tailored support.

The right gas for your business

The Calor solution

As a Calor Gas customer, you need only focus on the cost and carbon reductions that we generate plus the flexible convenience that gas has to offer over oil.

We see it as our role to identify the optimum, cost-saving solution for your business and in this respect we can choose from two gas types:

While these two hydrocarbon gases have different molecular structures, they essentially do the same job when it comes to generating heat for industrial processes. Where they differ is in the relative economies, and thus savings, they deliver to a business, based on a business’s energy usage patterns.

Being in the position to offer either LPG or LNG enables Calor to maximize your cost savings and carbon reduction across a large consumption range; meaning it could be financially beneficial to switch to us.


We see it as our responsibility to review your energy needs and patterns, then to recommend a gas-based energy solution that delivers the most cost-effective business case for your business. The basic premise for choosing LPG or LNG is based on consumption and usage patterns; see guidelines, below:


  • Consumption: 200 to 400 tonnes pa
  • Continuous or stop/start usage patterns


  • Consumption: over 400 tonnes pa
  • With continuous consumption patterns


Take a look at our industrial market sectors and applications we work in to gain a better understanding of how we can help your business:

To find out more about our specialist energy service for large businesses, download our brochure:

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