LPG water pumps

The Greengear LPG water pumps offer a multitude of benefits and are key to any rural business due to the extended running times, low emissions and most importantly, safe and convenient refuelling i.e. no spillages near the water course. The LPG water pumps are available in various sizes:

  • WP-2 (2 inch inlet with a 25mᶟ flow)
  • WP-3 (3 inch inlet with a 42mᶟ flow)
  • WP-4 (4 inch inlet with a 70mᶟ flow)
  • WP-3S (3 inch inlet sewage pump with a 43mᶟ flow)

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Benefits of LPG water pumps

Eliminated risk of contamination

It’s not only quick to refuel with an LPG water pump, but you also eradicate any risk of fuel spillages as the fuel is self-contained within the cylinder. A fuel spillage could potentially contaminate the water course having a huge environmental impact, as well as the possible loss of stocks, costly clean-up bills and the risk of legal action.

Cost savings

Up to 29%* savings compared to petrol or diesel equivalents due to the reduced fuel consumptions.

LPG engines also require less frequent servicing due to the cleaner burning nature which results in lower maintenance costs and increased lifespan of the engine.

Environmentally friendly & efficient

LPG produces less exhaust emissions than petrol including CO2, NOx and SOx.

Cylinders need changing less frequently and it’s far less hassle than topping up a petrol or diesel water pump. What's more, with the automatic shut-off valve you have ease of mind knowing you can connect up the cylinder and go, plus we can deliver the gas directly to your door.

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*Greengear water pump WP-3 at an average consumption of 1.7 L/hr using a 47kg cylinder at average retail price Jan 2016. Compared to an equivalent 3” water pump running at 1.2L/hr using unleaded at the average cost of £1.04ppl in 2015.