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Reduce your heating bills by up to 40% with a new, 97% efficient, boiler system

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For many businesses, such as care homes, hotels and restaurants , condensing boilers are the perfect solution for their heating requirements.

Single boilers can range from small, domestic wall-mounted units of; say just 35kW heat output, to giant boilers with output large boilers with output capabilities of several 100kWs. Find out how much your business can save by playing this short video.

Condensing equals high efficiency

The principle of condensing technology is that it captures most of the energy that would otherwise be lost in the flue gases.

Non-condensing boilers that preceded the modern condensing boiler, literally sent valuable heat and energy right up the chimney!

  • Condensing boilers transfer more heat from the combustion process, via their larger and more efficient heat exchangers- allowing water vapour contained in the flue gases to condense in the boiler.
  • It is the presence of this condensate that confirms that the boiler is capturing most of the available energy which in turn is being delivered to a business’s wet heating system.

Boiler systems

Many businesses will be using more than one boiler. These could be operating independently of one another or they might be linked together to from a larger, virtual boiler system.

Linking two or more boilers together, in place of one larger boiler offers resilience.The diagram to the left explains how a condensing boiler works.

  • If one boiler goes down or needs maintenance, remaining boiler(s) can still deliver energy to critical parts of the business.
  • Most modern condensing boilers can modulate their heat output to suit seasonal temperature changes or heat production demands, thereby saving fuel by operating optimally 100% of the time.
  • Several boiler linked together via a computer control system, can also modulate their total output, operating like a single, virtual boiler. Control systems deliver further efficiencies and fuel savings.

Benefits of a condensing boiler

Some condensing boilers, like Blades, incorporate a heat recovery device, thereby delivering real working efficiencies of 97%.

By replacing an old boiler you are most likely to achieve efficiency increases and therefore fuel savings of between 20% to 40% - or even more.

  • Efficiency of up to 97%
  • Energy savings of up to 40%, or more
  • Resulting in large carbon emission reductions

Benefits of switching to Calor

Easy installation

We take care of the whole process - from conducting a heat loss calculation to fitting your new boiler

Ongoing support

We can conduct regular safety inspections in addition to servicing your boiler, as well as 24/7 gas-related emergency cover

Dependable brands, unbeatable quality

Our engineering team can offer advice on a choice of quality boiler brands

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