What is LNG?

LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) is a relatively new fuel available to businesses, that provides an excellent alternative to oil-based energy, and is ideal wherever there is a continuous high demand for fuel - such as a process or manufacturing plant that operates all year round.

What is LNG?

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic liquid fuel that is created from cooling natural gas to a temperature of -162'C. This process of cooling natural gas into a liquid form acts to shrink the volume so that the fuel occupies around 600 times less space than when in its gaseous form. This also has a positive effect on the weight of the fuel, as in its liquid form, LNG is lighter than water. These qualities make LNG easy to store and are some of the many LNG benefits it offers to off-grid energy users looking for an environmentally superior and cost efficient alternative to oil-based fuels.

LNG is categorised as a cryogenic liquid gas due to its extremely low temperatures of -160'C. Despite this, the main constituent of LNG is methane gas, which creates a flammability range of 5 to 15% by volume in air. These properties result in extremely high efficiency for the user and can be demonstrated by the fact that LNG can achieve a higher calorific value than Propane and an impressive 15.2 kWh/kg output.

Whilst the energy efficiency of LNG makes this fuel type a practical alternative for businesses currently using oil-based fuels, its qualities also make it a much safer option. LNG is non-toxic and non-corrosive, therefore a much safer fuel type than oil.

Here at Calor, we are now able to offer reliable supplies of LNG to businesses across the UK, that are looking for clean, efficient off-grid energy. Our highly trained LNG delivery and installation team will ensure that converting to LNG is an easy process. For more information contact our Calor LNG expert, Kevin Houlden on 07803 021760 or by emailing khoulden@calor.co.uk

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