What Are Your Rural Fuel Options When You’re Living Off the Grid?

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You’ve made the jump and moved into an off-grid home… now what? One of your first priorities is likely to be sorting out your fuel supply, but the big question is – which type of fuel is right for you?

We’ve put together a helpful guide, outlining what your options are, and how to make the best choice possible. When you move to the country, you’ll need to ask yourself a variety of questions, to ensure you make the right fuel choice.

  1. How much room have I got? All fuels require storage. Be warned, some take up a lot more room than others!
  2. How energy-efficient is it? It’s important to get the most energy-efficient fuel possible.
  3. Is it easy to get hold of? You never want to be without power for your home – so you need to find a reliable supplier.
  4. Is it safe? Some fuels are a lot safer to use than others. Do your research before committing!

Types of off grid fuel

  • Oil. Oil is a commonly used form of heating for off-grid homes. It’s reliable, but not without its issues. Oil theft is a particular problem, and the unpredictable oil market means prices can change, which makes it harder to budget for.

  • LPG. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a great option if you’re living off the grid. If you choose us as your supplier, you’ll be provided with an above- or underground tank, or a compact cylinder solution if space is limited. The automatic top-up system means you won’t run out of fuel, and it’s also a lot harder to steal, because it’s a gas. If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to heat the home, this is an excellent choice.

  • Electricity. Electricity is a safe option, as it’s not combustible. It’s also adjustable, which means you can control the temperature of your off-grid home fairly easily. However, one big factor frequently deters people, and that’s price. It’s rather expensive to operate.

  • Coal, pellets and wood. Solid fuel is a more traditional way to heat your home, and there’s no denying it, there’s something rather romantic about a wood-burning stove in the kitchen! However, one of the biggest issues with solid fuel is the lack of efficiency, not to mention the space required to store it, and the manual labour needed to prepare it. Also, temperatures can’t be controlled, which means if you get too hot, the only option is to open some windows!

Helping you to make the switch to LPG

If you’re moving to the country (or ready to make the switch to LPG) simply get in touch with our team today. Setting up an LPG supply in your home is surprisingly easy, and to get started, all you’ll need to do is phone us or send us an email.
Installation is quick and easy, and our top-up technology means you’ll have continuous energy delivered to your off-grid home. To find out more about living off the grid, click here.