Is LPG the Best Choice for Your Off Grid Home?

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We deliver LPG gas to thousands of off-grid homes across the country. Our customers love the fact that it’s efficient, effective and easy-to-use – but if you’re used to using mains gas, you might wonder whether it’s the right option for you.
People often get in touch with our team, to find out about LPG and why it’s a good form of fuel when you’re living off the grid. If you’re keen to learn more, here’s some useful information for you. So, what’s it really like living off the grid with LPG gas? Here’s just some of the benefits.

  • It’s efficient. When you’re moving to the country, you want to be sure that you’re using the most energy-efficient fuel possible. LPG often offers better returns against the energy used – and by switching to an LPG boiler, you’ll enjoy even greater efficiency. Generally speaking, an effective LPG boiler offers 90% efficiency or more. (1)

  • It’s safe. Lots of off-grid homes use domestic oil – but when an oil tank leaks, it can cause big problems in your property; as it can be hazardous. Our LPG tanks are highly leak-resistant, and as a result, leakage is virtually unheard of. LPG is a gas, so it’s also less likely to be stolen, as it’s almost impossible to siphon off from the tank.

  • It’ll power your appliances as well as heat your home. People are often surprised to know that LPG can be used to power your cooker and tumble dryer as well as your heating. It’s compatible with portable heaters, and you can even use it outdoors to operate gas BBQs and patio heaters.

Off-grid homes – what about the supply?

When you’re not connected to mains power, supply is an important issue. After all, you don’t want to be left without fuel to power your off-grid home!
Some forms of fuel can be hard to get hold of at times, which can make supplies scarce and push prices up. European LPG supply is plentiful, which means you can enjoy access to a steady supply.
Even better, our tanks are fitted with an automatic top-up system. This sends a notification to Calor’s HQ when your LPG levels are low, and we’ll then send one of our team out to top-up your supply for you.

Living off the grid

Are you ready to live off the grid? If you are, and you want to make the switch to LPG, you’ll be pleased to know it’s easy to get set up. We’ve got plenty of storage options for your home; including underground or above ground tanks, or even compact gas cylinders, if space is limited.
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