BBQ terms glossary

Choosing a new BBQ can be a tricky task, especially as there are lots of functions and features that might have been newly introduced since the last time you shopped. Similarly, some more advanced BBQ recipes may contain terms that can be daunting, so we have created this handy BBQ glossary of keywords that you can visit if ever you are unsure

Ash ToolA metal BBQ accessory which can be used to stir ashes and scrape out ashes from the lower vent
Basting brushA utensil used for spreading marinades, sauces and oils over meat during preparation or whilst on the BBQ
BrineA mixture of salt and water used to improve the flavour, texture and moisture content of cuts of meat through the marinating process
BrisketBrisket, often selected when barbecuing beef, is a flavourful, tough cut of meat that is popularly cooked low and slow indirectly
BriquetteA type of charcoal that has been created by tightly compacting various combustibles into a compact brick
Caddie basketA charcoal management basket with handles for ease when carrying
CharcoalCharcoal is the most common alternative to gas for fuelling BBQs and is made from carbonised wood
Charcoal chimneyA device used to get charcoal lit and ready for the BBQ quickly
Direct cookingA BBQ cooking method whereby there is nothing between the fire and the food
Drip panA foil or metal pan placed under food to catch drips and prevent flare-ups, regularly used when grilling indirectly
Dual function metal topA metal cap that is placed on top of keg style BBQs to control airflow and achieve temperature control
Flare-upsLarge flames that are caused by juices and fats dripping onto hot charcoal below
Flat topperA flat cooking surface that is a cross between a griddle and a grill
Flav-R-WaveA cooking system that ensures even heat distribution across the entirety of the grill surface and helps to create BBQ flavour
GrateMateA set of accessories for enhancing functionality of BBQ grates
GriddleA flat piece of steel to put on your BBQ to be heated from below
Grid lifterA BBQ tool for moving cooking grids whilst hot or cold
Grid or Grill TopperA metal tray with holes or slits that is used to grill foods that may otherwise fall through the grill
Grill turnerA BBQ tool used for turning food on the BBQ such as steaks or fish
Grill tongA BBQ tool for picking up and moving food items on the BBQ
Grill brushA tool used for cleaning BBQs, often with metal bristles for easy removal of grease
Grilling planksA wooden board used to hold food while it is being grilled for achieving moist and flavoursome BBQ food
Grilling stoneA stone, often made from charcoal for baking foods on the BBQ such as pizza or cookies
Grill basketA wire basket that is used on the BBQ to hold foods that may otherwise fall through the grill
Grill extenderAn additional grid extension that clips on to your current grill to expand your cooking area
Grill wokA wok with sloped sides and numerous small holes made specifically for BBQ grilling
Indirect cookingA BBQ cooking method in which a barrier is formed between the fire and the food, used for slow cooking and roasting
Kettle BBQRounded charcoal BBQs with a lid that can be used for direct or indirect methods
MarinadeTo keep foods in an intensely flavoured liquid or rub for a period of time so that it infuses flavour and texture into the meat
Marinade injectorA BBQ tool that enables the meat's flesh to be pierced and injected with flavoured liquids before barbecuing
Meat clawsA pair of BBQ tools that allow for effective shredding of large cuts of meat once barbecued
MopA thin sauce or marinade that is brushed over meat whilst barbecuing
PeelA wooden or metal paddle used to move pizza and other baked goods from the BBQ
PlanchaSee Griddle
PolderA popular term used to describe remote BBQ thermometers
Rib HookMetal hooks which hang meat vertically - popularly used in narrow smokers
Rib rack supportA BBQ accessory built to hold racks of ribs in place on the BBQ whilst cooking
Rotisserie kitA set of equipment to allow you to roast meat on the BBQ. Will include a motorised spit to turn the meat consistently
RubA combination of sugars, salts, herbs and spices that are applied to the meat's surface prior to barbecuing
SkewerA long piece of wood or metal used for holding pieces of meat or vegetables together on the BBQ
SmokerA cooker that specifically generates smoke and allows BBQ food to cook through indirect heat
Smoker boxA perforated metal box that can be used in gas or charcoal BBQs to hold wood chips and provide smoke
SpatchcockPoultry that has been cut along the backbone and flattened so that it can barbecued effectively
Tandoor ovenA traditional Indian oven, often made from clay and heated with coals
Temperature ringsA set of wooden disks with different diameter holes in the middle used to achieve different cooking temperatures
Wiggle rodA rod to insert through the bottom vents of ceramic cookers to ‘wiggle’ or shake the grate to knock out loose ash and restore airflow
Wing rackA BBQ accessory used for holding chicken wings in place
Wok TopperA porcelain-coated metal container which can be round or square with lots of holes in it, used to stir fry vegetables or other delicate foods on the BBQ
Wood chips, chunks and pelletsNatural wood materials that can be added to BBQs in order to infuse foods with natural smoke flavours