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Switching from oil

If you heat your home with oil, there's now a better way.

If you currently rely on an oil-fired central heating system you should switch to Calor gas; the closest off-mains alternative to natural gas. Calor gas offers a cleaner, efficient and modern alternative to heating your home.

What's more, if you switch to Calor gas before 31st March 2015, we will connect your home to gas for free.

It's easy to switch to Calor call us on 0800 626 626 or enquire online today for more information.

Our FREE above ground tank installation offer includes everything from the tank and base installation to all the materials and labour needed to connect the pipework to your house so you don't need to worry about anything. Alternatively, if an underground tank is preferred, we can install it for just £1000.

Benefits of gas over oil

  • Cost reductions- If your oil boiler is 10 years old or more, it's likely to be less efficient and could be costing you an additional £732*** a year on your fuel bill. New gas boilers are highly efficient and we install an above ground tank for free.
  • Automatic delivery - Our sophisticated ThinkTank technology measures your gas levels and when you need a top up, it automatically schedules a delivery, so you have one less thing to worry about
  • Storage options - Whether it's an underground tank hidden from view, an above ground tank or a 4 cylinder pack, we have a storage solution to suit you
  • Greener and cleaner -Calor gas offers off-mains rural customers the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels with 11.7% less CO2 per kWh than heating oil
  • Instant and controllable - Extremely versatile, Calor gas provides instant heating and hot water as well as a real and controllable flame for cooking and fires
  • Safe and secure - Fuel theft from a gas tank is virtually impossible whether stored above or below ground

A hassle free conversion, every time

The switching process from oil to Calor gas is easy. Read our handy steps to switching guide and see our installation video, so you know exactly what to expect and can start enjoying all of the benefits of mains gas, off the grid

You can watch our short video below, to learn about a Calor customer’s experience of switching from oil fired heating to Calor gas.

0800 626 626

For an energy efficient, cleaner and greener fuel, switch from oil to Calor gas. You can learn more about switching from an oil fired heating system to LPG by completing our short online enquiry form today. Alternatively, call 0800 626 626 and one of our customer services team will be more than happy to help.

*Terms and conditions apply

**For up to 12 months

***Source obtained from the Energy Saving Trust