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Gas bottle exchange policy

Welcome to the Calor gas bottle exchange policy. This handy diagram is to help you understand which gas bottles you are eligible to exchange for an empty one, free of charge, when you're looking for a refill. There are three gas bottle exchange groups, group A, B and group C. You can exchange a gas bottle within your group, without having to pay for an extra cylinder refill agreement. If you wish to exchange your gas bottle, for a bottle in another group, then your purchase will be subject to an extra cylinder refill agreement at an additional cost of £34.25. To exchange a gas bottle online, please visit the gas bottle section of our online shop and your local Calor stockist will deliver your order, direct to your door.

If a customer wishes to obtain a cylinder from another group they must take out an additional cylinder agreement at a cost of £34.25. Should a customer require a partial refund on the calor owned cylinder currently in their posession they must contact calor direct on 0800 662 663.